Key to the Key Club’s Future Success


MJ Tareq addresses the Key Club Members at a meeting.

When Katie and David Mumford graduate next month, they will be leaving the North Penn Key Club in excellent hands. MJ Tareq, the highly motivated, incredibly well-spoken, president-elect already has big plans for stepping into their shoes.

The Key Club is a service club at North Penn High School in which each member participates in roughly 100 hours of volunteer activities to help the community. Tareq is inspired by and committed to the mission of this organization and has a deep appreciation for the fact that the club’s activities make a big difference in the lives of those they help. 

“It is incredibly rewarding knowing that simply donating some food, toys, and clothes could help people. It helps put life into perspective. We are not just volunteering for a couple of hours somewhere on the weekends; we are making a difference in communities and that is amazing,” said Tareq. 

Tareq feels so strongly about the power of volunteering that he participates in more than one volunteer organization. 

“I volunteer for a non-profit organization associated with the Mennonite Central Committee. We recently had a convention in Ohio discussing certain global issues we help to try and find a solution for, and it is quite inspiring to know that our work is helping towards a greater good, such as funding relief efforts in Ukraine, or education in underprivileged parts of the world,” explained Tareq.

When asked what compelled him to run for the role of Key Club President, Tareq discussed his admiration for this year’s co-presidents and the 2021-2022 president. 

“I always admired…their public speaking prowess as well as their capability to lead an organization. I think it takes a lot to be an officer of such a great organization, let alone President, and that their mission to improve our club, school, and community as a whole is quite admirable,” commented Tareq. 

He also feels that it is an honor to lead such an impactful service organization, and he is looking forward to helping the club members continue to pursue their noble mission. 

“I look forward to representing an organization that is centered around public service and possibly being able to increase the quantity and quality of aid we can provide to whomever we serve. Putting the word out for donations, drives, and opportunities to help volunteer around the community is essential to improving our society,” said Tareq. 

Putting the word out for donations, drives, and opportunities to help volunteer around the community is essential to improving our society.

— MJ Tareq

Not everything is running smoothly on the Key Club, however. All year, the club has seen limited attendance at club meetings. Tareq called out this one area that needs improvement and  provided his ideas for how to get the attendance back on track. 

“Our only true problem is our meeting attendance, which I feel deprives us of an essential characteristic which is camaraderie. I look forward to implementing an incentive-based system where in our monthly meetings we would have catering services as well as if a member attends said meetings they would gain 2 service hours in our system. With this, we ensure higher meeting attendance and happier members because who doesn’t love food with their friends?” commented Tareq. 

Tareq is unquestionably an outstanding choice for next year’s Key Club president. His great ideas for the club, coupled with his ability to inspire others with his polished public speaking will allow him to have a big impact on the club and all of the people they help.