A letter to the rising Senior class of 2024


Dear Incoming Seniors,

People are always talking about how high school is the best time of your life and how it flies by way too fast. As a junior, I would roll my eyes at this and say how I couldn’t wait to get out of this school, this town, and start a new life in college. As reality is sinking in, though, I am coming to realize how much I am actually going to miss this chaotic school and all of the memories it holds. North Penn can give you one of the most unique high school experiences, so soak it all up before you are forced to leave all this district and the people that you’ve spent your entire childhood growing up with. 

Senior year, to some, is the year of relaxation before real life starts. While that is true, I have discovered that senior year is also a year full of opportunities. It is a chance to have a lot of fun as your childhood begins to come to a close, and doing it while surrounded by some of your oldest friends makes it that much better. I observe a lot of what kids are doing with their last few months as a North Penn student, and most of what I see are seniors being laid back, getting involved in activities, and spending some of their last months making memories that will always relate back to “the high school experience.” What I’m trying to get across is that instead of just having the same old routine where you go home and nap until dinner time, maybe branch out and enjoy some of the fun, stress-free activities that North Penn has to offer.

While getting involved means clubs and activities, there are so many other school-run events that bring people closer together and, of course, create memories. In the fall, I would recommend going to as many football games as possible, even if you are not a sports person. Personally, I don’t understand football at all, but it’s not all about the game. Being a part of a buzzing atmosphere while surrounded by both people that you know and don’t know, but who are all rooting for the same team, creates an indescribable feeling that in a way links you closer to those other fans and your school. Some of my best memories from Senior year were on Friday nights, getting ready before the game, cheering with my friends until I lost my voice and then hanging out or grabbing food after. 

Senior Energy! A large group of North Penn students gather at a home football game during the fall of 2022.

There are also dances, like winter ball and prom, that even though they sound juvenile to some, actually end up being a lot of fun. Both the class cabinet and SGA put a lot of time and effort into them, and the fact that it is designed solely by the students makes it even more special. 

For those incoming seniors who are a part of a sports team (or two), for most of you this is the last time you might step onto a playing field or court. Though the high school season is long and might drag by, as soon as it’s over, that’s it. This is also the last time that you’ll ever step onto a field with this specific team and players, which for some is extremely emotional. As an athlete, soak up every moment; every practice, game, bus ride, because high school sports is one of the most unique experiences an athlete can have. Don’t forget, either, as a senior it is your job to lead the underclassmen and to leave the team with something special, but more importantly prepare them for what the next year without the seniors will hold.

Everyone thinks that senior year doesn’t matter as far as college goes. If anything I say in this letter speaks to you, let it be this: do NOT let yourself burn out and give up halfway through senior year. Colleges look at ALL FOUR years of your transcript, and it is possible to have some alterations because of a poor last semester. And trust me, choosing a college is not the end of the world. I’ve seen many people stressing and losing sleep over where to go, and every single one of them has been happy with their decisions. Go with your gut and you’ll find the right place for you. 

I’m not writing this to force any of you juniors into doing things that don’t appeal to you or to invalidate whatever stress you may feel next year, but there are so many more opportunities to take advantage of that meet the eye. If there’s anything that I should leave you with, it is the idea that letting yourself get caught in the whirlwind that is senior year is the worst thing that you can do to yourself. Stop, breathe, and take everything in. This is the last ride, and take it all the way to the end.