J&J Reviews: Yum Yum Bake Shops


Jessica Wendowski

A dozen of Yum Yum Bake Shops most unique and original donuts.

There are thousands of Wawas and Dunkins that serve donuts all around. Thousands of people go in and out grabbing a basic pastry at these places every day, but most are just passing by and stop in for convenience sake. Not everyone has the luxury to stop at a community, original bakery like Yum Yum Bake Shop.

Yum Yum Bake Shop is a family-owned business serving high-quality donuts to the people of Montgomery County. With only three locations, Yum Yum has created a community as people travel to the shop every day just to get a fresh donut. The first Yum Yum Bake Shop to open was our very own location here in the district. It opened up in 1972 and is still run by the third-generation Conly family.

Since one of the locations is local to our very own district, the families of North Penn get to enjoy the original and unique creations that they certainly wouldn’t be able to find at any chain stop. Not only are there families in the district supporting the local business, but there are also North Penn students who work at the shops to keep it running smoothly and the customers very happy.

¨It’s pretty cool with the regulars that come in because you know they can’t go somewhere else and get the same thing. It’s also cool to see how people come from far away because they know they can’t get our donuts anywhere else,¨ North Penn junior and Yum Yum’s employee Aiden Hanks explained.

Although we’ve both enjoyed their donuts many times before, we decided to review a dozen of their most unique donuts and just appreciate the local shop a little extra this time.

Original Yum Yum Bake Shops logo.


White Lightning & Chocolate Thunder- The best pair one can have is White Lightning and Chocolate Thunder. This is a classic duo that’s been on the Yum Yum menu for years. This type of donut is extremely fluffy and light, and the same goes for the creme in the center. Obviously, the Lightning’s cream is Vanilla and the Thunder’s Chocolate, as well as the icing on top and the sprinkles. These donuts have so much going on that it is hard to eat an entire one, let alone both of them, so we would recommend buying these on an empty stomach! 

Boston Creme- Boston Creme is a classic donut that you can find anywhere, but no one does it like Yum Yum’s. Biting into it, you are met with a smooth, rich, chocolatey icing that leaves your mouth watering, and that is paired perfectly with the filling in the center. The custard in the center closely resembles vanilla pudding, and its thick texture and generous amount are perfect in this donut. Every part of this donut compliments each other, and it is a well-put-together creation.

Glazed- A glazed donut might be one of the most popular yet simple donuts out there. Everyone knows in order to have the perfect glazed donut it needs a thin glaze coating over a light and fluffy donut. Yum Yums glazed donut, we agreed, is the best glazed donut we´ve ever tried. The donut was not too sweet which was by far our favorite part because a lot of glazed donuts are overly sweet making them not enjoyable after the first few bites. Overall while this donut is as simple as it gets, the flavor is still one worth the trip to Yum Yums.

Carmel Delight- Picture a caramel delight girl scout cookie… but the size of a donut. This Carmel Delight donut was identical to the popular cookie. It was covered with sweet coconut flakes and drizzled with carmel and chocolate. The coconut flakes didnt give an overpowering flavor which we liked since coconut isn’t our go-to flavor. Other than that this donut was just fine. Not one we would make the trip for again but was definitely fun to taste.

Peanut Butter Cup- This donut is something that you probably won’t find anywhere else, which might actually be a good thing. As someone who likes Reese’s and peanut butter candy, this was pretty disappointing. There was creme in the center that was peanut butter mixed with vanilla filling, and this was honestly the best part of the donut. If you love peanut butter you would definitely like this because of how strong the flavor is. There was classic chocolate icing on top, and that would have been the way to go, except there were crushed peanuts that added excessive saltiness, which was what drove me away from this donut.

Cookies and Cream- This was the donut that we were most looking forward to tasting, and it did not disappoint. Though it was extremely sweet, its uniqueness trumped all of that. Starting off with the icing, it was the most unique icing that we have ever tried, as the texture was light and fluffy and vanilla flavored, and we thought the texture of that immediately sold the donut to me. There were Oreo pieces on the top that were surprisingly crunchy after being out for a while. The filling is Oreo flavored and this adds a unique kick instead of it being just plain vanilla creme. Overall every aspect of this donut goes well together and we were highly impressed.

Blueberry- This was a simple blueberry-flavored donut, with blueberry chunks throughout and a blueish-purple interior. The blueberry flavor was very prevalent, and it almost perfectly resembles a blueberry bagel or muffin. As I was chewing it, it had a thick bagel texture, which was something different that I don’t usually get in donuts. It was a little dry, and I think some glaze on top would really bring this donut together.

Strawberry cream- Unexpectedly, this donut was one of our favorites among the dozen. As simple as this donut looked with just a plain coating of powdered sugar, the filling inside the donut was so flavorful. One side was filled with vanilla creme and the other side was filled with strawberry jelly. Our favorite part about this donut was the fact that the two fillings weren’t mixed together so you were able to taste both fillings separately. The fillings complimented each other so well. The only downside to this donut was that it was very messy since it was extremely filled but we would say it’s worth the mess!

Red Velvet- This is another classic donut that Yum Yum’s nailed. This cake donut was thick and dense and it almost reminded me of a cupcake. There wasn’t a very strong red velvet taste, but it was just enough to resemble it well. The light glaze coating on it added a nice sweetness and wrapped the donut up well.

Cinnamon Bun- I wouldn’t necessarily consider this a donut because of how it’s made exactly like a cinnamon bun. It breaks apart in a spiral and has the same consistency as a cinnamon bun. It was pretty fluffy, and the softness made it enjoyable and easy to eat. I would have liked more cinnamon throughout the donut and more glaze on top just to give it more flavor, but this is a very unique bakery item.

Cherry Chocolate- This donut lives up exactly to the name… it’s as simple as that. When breaking open this donut, we were met with a chunky cherry middle that was very thick and sweet. Personally, this was the best part for me, as it tasted exactly like a cherry jolly rancher. This had the same classic chocolate icing, and it paired perfectly with the cherry center. All the flavors of this donut go well together and it is something different to try once in a while.