Champagne on a Wednesday, the intersection of style and a story


Owners Jen Kowalick and Alexis Drolet bubbling with excitement at the Clover Market.

NORTH WALES- Champagne on a Wednesday jewelry reflects a celebration of your everyday life and an excuse to treat yourself to something special any day of the week. Jen Kowalick and Alexis Drolet handcraft each piece in North Wales, PA.

The idea for their brand came when Jen and Alexis’ kids were done preschool, and they wondered what the next step in their lives was.

“Our kids went to preschool together, and there weren’t many stay-at-home moms picking their kids up from school. We’d pick the kids up and go to the park daily. We were friends for four years until we were like, “What’s Next?” Drolet explained.

“We were both stay at home moms and we were trying to figure out what to do since our children were younger,our husbands both had very demanding jobs,and we didn’t fit a traditional job. We had to think outside the box about what we wanted to do inside a world we already created, “Kowalick stated.

Before coming up with an idea behind the business, the name came first. When establishing a brand, it’s important to pick something that is positive and brings a good look.

“We came up with the name first because we both wanted to do something uplifting and had a feel good vibe. We both were at a point in our lives where we weren’t sure what the next chapter of our lives looked like, “Drolet stated.

A lot of women go through a lot of transitions similar to us and we wanted to come up with a brand that supported people through those feelings. Our name is about celebrating the everyday. We did a lot of brand building workshops that helped us finalize that this was the name we wanted.

— Alexis Drolet

“A lot of women go through a lot of transitions similar to us and we wanted to come up with a brand that supported people through those feelings. Our name is about celebrating the everyday. We did a lot of brand building workshops that helped us finalize that this was the name we wanted, “Drolet said.

“Even though you’re a stay at home mom you can put on a piece of jewelry to make you feel good, and that’s were the jewelry idea came about. We thought this was the best way to empower people and live their best life, “Kowalick explained.

There are so many resources out there to learn how to do new things, and you don’t need to know how the future will look career-wise nowadays.

“We did not know how to make jewelry when we started and we started taking classes at Michaels and watching a ton of Youtube videos and I have my masters in Biology ,” Drolet stated.

“Originally I went to school for marketing and accounting,which is completely different than what I do now. So you never know what’s in store for the future, “Kowalick said.

The start of growing their brand was word of mouth through family and friends only. Then they started attending markets for local crafters.

“In the beginning we had a party at Jen’s house and invited everyone we knew and hope that everyone liked it enough to spread the word. For a couple years that is all we did. We really relied on word of mouth and markets,” Drolet stated.

Champagne on a Wednesday is full of jewelry designed to be a sparkle in your everyday life.

“We make handmade gem stone jewelry and everything is made by us two by hand. Since we use genuine gemstones, I really like to say everything is one of a kind, “Kowalick stated.

“We come up with new ideas everyday.Sometimes we just do what feels right with the shape and the cut of the stone. We usually do two big collections a year, but recently we’ve been launching mini collections every month,because we see and idea and need to create it,” Drolet said!

Some products that are listed on the website

Every item sold tells a story, whether we realize it or not, and a thought or memory will come to mind when you look at these items daily.

“To stand out from other jewelry brands we wanted our jewelry to be inspirational and so I was like what if we made artwork to go with it to make it something special. We usually make the stories together,but if someone has a story that’s inspiring will go with it and take it,” Drolet stated.
Products are sold online, in wholesale boutiques, and at local events.

“At this point, our biggest things are events we sell at. We sell at jewelry art shows,artisan markets, and towns that have events in the fall and spring. We have our little popup, and people come and buy our jewelry and we’ve recently been traveling further away to get more customers to buy. Just so we spread the word to more people other than our friends,” Drolet said.

“Some shows are harder to get into,we have to submit an application and Alexis will have to send them all the information and photos about our brand. We’ve been everywhere from selling at a religious establishment to the Doylestown Arts Fest. They all work out in new ways and give us new opportunities,” Kowalick described.

“Additionally we have our website,and we recently branched into wholesale. We have an online marketplace for boutique owners where they can purchase wholesale and we also sell directly to them,” Droley said.

As for future collections, there are some things in the works. Creating a new collection, it’s a long process.

“There’s going to be a lot of one of a kind things coming out and restocking inventory. New stuff comes out daily, but a new collections takes a while since we have to create and print things. We also do modeling for our big collections which take time to take,” Drolet explained.
“As for our next collection we are thinking of doing a Kyanite collection which will feature a lot of blues,” Kowalick said.

Graduation is coming soon, and a new collection is in the works.

“We are making jewelry for graduating seniors in different college colors. We are thinking brackets in your colors stamped with the year and we hope to launch it mid May, “Drolet stated.

To buy any of their products, visit, or you can contact them @champagneonawednesday on Instagram and Facebook. Use code NPHS for 15% until June 14th!