He Said, She Said: The Best and Worst of Disney


Maureen Gambogi

Faith, trust, and pixie dust is all you need in our guide to better your Disney experience!

We agree that there aren’t many better ways to spend the last week of February than enjoying the warm sunshine of Florida on the Senior Class Trip, but did we agree on anything else?

Nick and Mo decided to try a couple of the most popular drinks in the theme parks. Disney’s Dole Whip, available in multiple parks, is a blended pineapple drink with vanilla ice cream. A refreshingly delicious way to cool down on a hot day or disappointment?

Mo Says: Walking through Animal Kingdom on the first day, I was in search of something that would quench my thirst. Thinking a Dole Whip would do the trick, I was very disappointed. The ice cream had a very creamy texture that made it not easily enjoyable. As expected, this treat was insanely sweet and had a strong taste of pineapple. I do not think the pineapple and ice cream float combo compliments each other and think this dessert is very overrated.

Nick Says: Overrated? This drink is a 10 out of 10. This is unquestionably one of my favorite drinks. This drink is available in more flavors than just pineapple, but the pineapple version is a great blend of flavors. Unlike Mo, I thought the freshness of the pineapple was very thirst-quenching, and the vanilla ice cream added just the right amount of sweetness. The whole drink is very smooth, and it goes down easily.

Butterbeer, available in the Harry Potter part of Universal Studios, is a real-life rendition of a popular drink among the Hogwarts students in the Harry Potter books. The frozen version seems to be a combination of cream soda, butterscotch flavoring, and vanilla ice cream with a whipped cream topping.

Nick Says: I’m a big fan. The butterscotch is super-strong, so if you don’t like butterscotch, this drink isn’t for you. This is a very sweet drink, so it’s pretty much a dessert. Since I love sweets, I downed this thing in about 30 seconds. Tons of people flock to this drink in the Harry Potter park. Although, I’m sure there’s someone out there who doesn’t like it…

Mo’s Says: I have always wanted to try butterbeer but now that I have all I can say is… disgusting. I have always wanted to try this beverage to get the full Harry Potter experience but it was overly sweet and tasted like melted butterscotch. On top of that, the whipped cream added extra unneeded sweetness and the taste was very powerful from the moment it touches your lips. Do not waste your time or money on this overhyped beverage.

Overall, food and drink weren’t a major part of the Senior Trip experience, though, because the majority of time was spent enjoying other features of the parks. The Senior Class went to Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Blizzard Beach and both Universal Studios parks. Which park was the best?

Nick Says: Definitely, Epcot. The World Showcase part of the park with all the different countries represented is a great concept, and I loved walking around and seeing how the feel of each culture is brought out. I also loved finding the shrubs in each country that are shaped into different Disney characters that are associated with that country. Although Epcot took a different approach in park format, it was not short on rides. The other section of Epcot is rife with rides, and the wait times for the rides was shorter than in the Magic Kingdom. I really like the variety of activities at Epcot, and this park also had my favorite nighttime light show out of all the shows we saw during our 5 day trip.

Mo Says: Everyone goes to Disney to feel like a kid again and in order to fully grasp that magic feeling, Magic Kingdom is the place to be. As you enter the park, you walk down Main Street as you inhale the scents of sweets as you inch closer to Cinderella’s castle. Not only that, there is a variety of rides that bring your favorite Disney movies to life. If that wasn’t enough, there are parades and attractions throughout the park that bring out your inner childhood. It’s called the happiest place on earth for a reason.

And the worst park?

Mo Says: If I wanted to look at animals and feel a jungle atmosphere, I would go to the zoo. I was only at Animal Kingdom for half of the day and it felt like I ran out of things to do in that short period of time. Whereas in other parks, I felt like I was on a timed schedule and trying to pack everything in. I did enjoy Expedition Everest, an intense roller coaster with many twists and turns, but that is the only reason I would go back.

Nick Says: On this we finally agree. Although I did still enjoy the time I spent at the Animal Kingdom, it was definitely my least favorite park. I felt that there were significantly fewer rides, and the rides were very spread out. It felt like I had to walk a marathon to get from one ride to another. The rides at this park were, in my opinion, not nearly as good as the rides in the other parks. LIke Mo, I felt as though I did everything in the park in the first 2 to hours. The highlights of this park were definitely Expedition Everest and the undisputable Crown Jewel, the Dole Whip stand (see above).

Speaking of rides…did Nick and Mo have a favorite?

Mo Says: I have been counting down the days until I would be able to ride the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind rollercoaster and the experience was definitely worth the wait. With a fast reverse launch and a coaster that swivels, it made this ride very unique and unforgettable.

Nick Says: Hard to believe, but again we agree. The Guardians of the Galaxy ride was unlike any other roller coaster I’ve been on. Like the Space Mountain ride, it was completely dark which I loved, but unlike the Space Mountain ride, it was very smooth. There were no super hard turns, and it felt like you were rapidly flying through space. Another cool aspect of the ride is that every time you ride it you may be listening to a different song. The ride rotates through 6 different songs for each run.

Was any ride a disappointment?

Nick Says: When I was younger, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was far and away my favorite ride. However, it was not at all what I remembered. Although it was a cute ride, it was not worth the wait. The wait for this ride was 2 hours long and overall far too long for a ride that felt like it lasted 45 seconds. I would’ve liked for the ride to be a little longer or the wait to be a lot shorter.

Mo’s Says: I came across the Mission Space ride as it had a five-minute wait time and thought it would be a fun and quick ride to go on. Let’s just say, there was a five-minute wait time for a reason. The ride acted as if you were traveling to space but it just seemed like a downgraded Soarin. The puke bags within the ride were entirely unnecessary as this was the most boring ride in all the parks.

Our Disney trip was an experience that we will never forget. With a combination of favorites and future avoidances, our vacation was action-packed and an adventure we will never forget. Having the opportunity to evaluate the best and worst of Disney will dictate our future trips to Disney, and hopefully, this guide will help you have the most magical time that we were able to experience.