Junior Class Cabinet holding contest for Promposals

Want a chance to win free prom tickets? Here’s how you can.

In 2023, the promposal is an essential part of the prom experience. The 2024 Junior Class Cabinet is looking for your best promposals for this years JProm. North Penn Juniors are encouraged to express their most creative ideas.

“We are doing a promposal contest because we know that promposals are part of the prom experience. Our goal is to encourage juniors to go above all expectations to win to free prom tickets,” class president Kriya Shah described.

If you’d like to submit a promposal, the process is simple. You can submit your videos by DMing @np.class.24 on Instagram before March 10th. Only the first 16 submissions will be accepted, so get your ideas in soon! The final two videos will be posted on March 17th, and you can vote for your favorite until March 20th.

“I think that promposals are a great idea and think it’s a really fun experience to watch or even experience yourself and we thought it would be a good idea to have a contest that way juniors would be encouraged to enter and have a chance to win,” Shah said.

Updates will be posted on the @np.class.24 Instagram account, so watch for any announcements! If you have any questions, contact any member of the 2024 class cabinet.

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