Nick’s guide to choosing a career


Nick Lupinacci

Some of the great occupations mentioned in this article are represented by these pictures and the demand for people to fill these roles is growing.

Seniors – still looking for a college major or future direction? Sophomores and juniors – not sure what you want to do with your life? It would be hard to go wrong in choosing a field that really needs you. Read on to find the most in-demand jobs of 2023.

If you are interested in healthcare but don’t want to become a doctor, you are in luck. The list contains 4 non-physicians jobs in the healthcare field. For those who want to care for patients, both nurse practitioners and physician assistants are in high demand. Nurse practitioners function much like doctors, seeing patients, diagnosing many conditions, and prescribing medications. This career requires a nursing major and at least a Master’s degree. A physician assistant performs the same responsibilities as a nurse practitioner. The difference is that nurse practitioners follow a nursing model and focus on certain populations of patients like pediatrics or women’s health. Physician assistants follow the doctor model and focus on treating diseases. A physician assistant should major in healthcare and also needs a Master’s degree.

A third type of in-demand healthcare worker, who also interacts with patients but in a less formal setting, is a home health and personal care aide. A home health aide travels to patients’ residences and assists them with daily activities such as administering medication and checking their heart rate and blood pressure. This career requires a high school diploma and a few hours of additional training to become certified.

If you like healthcare but prefer to be more behind the scenes, there is a need for medical and health services managers. These professionals coordinate the business activities of a healthcare provider and ensure that hospitals and healthcare systems work smoothly. This career requires a Bachelor’s degree with a major in healthcare.

If you like to work with computers or like mathematics, there are 4 jobs on the list that might interest you. The most in-demand of these is an Information Security Analyst. An Information Security Analyst prevents security breaches from happening by setting up firewalls to protect companies information. This career has increased in demand as the amount of proprietary electronic data companies collect and work with has grown and the threats to those data have grown as well. This job typically requires a Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, mathematics, computer science, or engineering. Software developer quality assurance analysts are also on the list. These analysts check software for problems, document possible risks, and assess what issues users might have with the software. These individuals typically need a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology. Web developers are also in high demand. A web developer creates, tests, and maintains websites. Like software developer quality assurance analysts, these professionals typically need a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology. Finally, a more math-based computing career that is in high demand is data scientist. Data scientists typically have a Bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science or statistics, and they are responsible for gathering information from big data sets, analyzing it for insights, and explaining the insights to customers who need them.

If you love to cook, then you might be happy to know that chefs are in high demand. Chefs both oversee daily food preparation and prepare meals for customers. A chef requires a high school diploma, and while no college degree is necessary, chefs typically pursue additional training in a culinary field through experience, culinary arts schools, or special high school classes.

Rounding out our list of 10 in-demand jobs is a financial manager. Financial managers look after the financial health of a company by performing data analysis and advising managers on how they can maximize the company’s profits. This profession requires a Bachelor’s degree in business.

Two important factors in choosing a future career are to think about what motivates you and what interests you. If what motivates you is going somewhere where you are really needed and where your work will be really impactful and appreciated, you might consider some of the high-demand jobs on this list.