Bell rings behind the scenes of NPTV

North Penn’s Ryan Bell, a career study student at NPHS, is making the most of his time with NPTV


Aidan Simon

Ryan Bell standing at the desk of NPTV, at the studio where he produces content for North Penn High School

NPTV producer and career studies student Ryan Bell has worked behind the scenes every Friday in order to bring together the Morning Show for the school community. From editing the news segment clips to pulling up videos for the anchors at crucial moments. His work demonstrates the leadership and control students have over our high school’s TV station, and that for him, the art of broadcasting means more than the renown that comes in front of a camera. 

His usual work consists of editing some of the clips, or “packages” for the Morning Show, including the ongoing series of interviews with the Transportation Department. Alongside this, he occasionally goes on camera to film various interviews such as the Question Of The Week. During live broadcasts on Friday mornings, Bell also diligently works to show video clips on the show for the audience.

Ryan Bell works in the control room of the NPTV studio. (Aidan Simon )

“So my work for NPTV that I typically do each week is the Knight In The Spotlight interview… I will interview them, and then I will edit the interview and get it ready to be shown on the morning show each week. And sometimes I also help record segments like Question Of The Week,” Bell stated.

Entering the studio for an interview, Bell emphasized the importance of students in the governance and production of NPTV, with students finding many of the materials the Morning Show covers. Being a career studies student, Bell spends a large chunk of his school day working to keep NPTV going. With a love for the technical side of content creation, he plans to hopefully continue that work into the future.

“I sometimes edit news packages and interviews, that’s my favorite thing to do. I really like just editing and creating stuff, the computer-work side of it, being able to edit the videos together adding in music and graphics, that’s something that I really enjoy doing. And that’s something that I often am doing [for the studio],” Bell mentioned

“I think overall, it’s been a good experience for me, I’ve been exposed to trying a lot of different things and kind of stepping out of my comfort zone… I’ve been fixated on finding out things that I do like doing and [things] that I’m not as keen on doing… I am going to be studying communications in college and I’m hoping I can take what I’ve learned through my experiences here at NPTV to help pursue a career in the future,” Bell continued.

Bell also emphasized the importance of the fact that students largely run NPTV. He believes that the students at the studio come up with ideas to be covered during the week, alongside the required segments. 

Finally, he mentioned the feeling of producing the show live on Fridays, with the pressure to get everything just right.

“It’s a different experience? I would say. There’s a lot more pressure on because we spent the week creating the show, because it’s all live [now]. We just have to be ready for the challenges that come with live television [since] there’s only one take.”