School Board starts conversation for 9th grade center

The North Penn School District February Worksession only had one agenda item however it was a long anticipated start to a conversation changing the format of the entire North Penn School District.

Superintendent Dr. Todd Bauer and Mr. Nicholson presented a thorough presentation regarding the outlook of the district as a result of the ninth grade center plans which coincide with a major high school renovation.

The presentation was broken into six sections. Bauer and Nicholson explained the Vision for North Penn, Background, Current NPHS Status, Benefits of 9th Grade Center, Enrollment and Traffic Study Review, Future Decision Points. There were a lot of key components discussed. Changes in teaching styles could impact the design of the school. For example, open floor plans and  non traditional classrooms. 

Renovations would also be included in this plan due to the ongoing infrastructure issues at the high school now. Points of maintenance are the HVAC System and Piping, HVAC Controls, Boilers, and Electric Switchgear and Panels. SInce 2019 North Penn has covered $1,356,344 worth of repairs.

The presentation also covered the benefits of the 9th grade center and its convenience to students. It would create a lot more accessibility and opportunities to 9th graders. All of the details are in the presentation listed.

The format of grades could also change because of this. There is a possibility that 6th grade would bump up to the middle school, leaving the elementary schools just K-5.

The “North Penn Master Planning Presentation” was the only item on the agenda besides the audience of citizens which went smoothly. The next meeting will be the February Action Meeting. All meeting information is listed on Board Docs.