Juan and Mo offer up 2023 Grammy predictions


What are you tuning in to? The Grammys will determine the best of the best in the music industry. (photo creds: Maureen Gambogi)

The Grammy’s are tonight! Music in 2022 brought us a multitude of incredible moments, and it will all culminate this Sunday when the awards are announced. There’s a lot of categories to look forward to, and some of them are stacked with competition. Here’s a few predictions for the one’s that we are looking forward to the most!


New Artist:

Mo’s Prediction: Latto

Latto has started her music career with lots of Big Energy. With this hit song reaching over 220 million views and incorporating featured artists in a variety of her songs, Latto will only go up from here and deserves the title of the best new artist. 

Juan’s Prediction: Omar Apollo

Rising hispanic star Omar Apollo has broken out this year as a genre-blending artist who dips his toes in RnB and pop while mixing in his Mexican culture. His album, Ivory, is very well-produced and catchy, and most certainly gives reason for Apollo to win the award.

Album of the Year:

Mo’s Prediction: Harry’s House

A grammy should no doubt be an addition to Harry’s House. This album has made millions of listeners feel at home and is a go-to album for music lovers of all genres. Harry Styles has yet to miss on an album and this is without a doubt a top contender for the best album of the year. 

Juan’s Prediction: RENAISSANCE

Is there much explanation needed? It’s Beyoncé. She has been the queen of RnB and pop music for years, and this album proved her talents once again and shows her longevity. It is extremely catchy and well-produced and is truly deserving of the award. 

Song of the Year:

Mo’s Prediction: About Damn Time

It’s About Damn Time Lizzo has won song of the year, especially with this hit. This song is distinctive from the other nominees due to its mix of 70s groovy disco flavor and a hint of modern pop. A song like this will leave you listening to it over and over again and is well-earned to be labeled as the best song of the year. 

Juan’s Prediction: The Heart Part 5

Kendrick Lamar tackled the cultural problems and reflects on how in his own hood, and other hoods around America, everyone is desensitized to violence and murder and they just blame it on the “culture”. He then goes on to criticize the ways that the people live in this “culture” and how it needs to change. This song has a profound effect on our view of American culture, especially in the African-American community, and it just happens to be incredibly catchy as well. 

Record of the Year:

Mo’s Prediction: Woman

When is this record not in your head? Whether you’re in the car or scrolling through TikTok, this hit will definitely be in the queue. The repetition of the chorus and the catchy lyrics of each verse is the reason this record has made its way to the top of the leaderboard. Doja Cat has always expressed her music in the best way and this Woman is the best fit for record of the year. 

Juan’s Prediction: Bad Habit

Steve Lacy has been a top-notch producer and singer/songwriter for the past few years, and he certainly proved his worth here. He produced one of the catchiest tracks of the year with “Bad Habit”, and the lyrics and vocals are consistent with the quality of the production as well. This song is deserving of all the praise it has received, and should be the one to win the award.

Rap Album of the Year:

Mo’s Prediction: Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers

The songs within this album make up a masterpiece full of a variety of emotions and express a variety of topics that are hard-hitting and connect to a variety of listeners. With lyrics that are well-developed and deeply relate to music lovers all over the world, the grammy should go to Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers.

Juan’s Prediction: Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers

Kendrick Lamar returned this in 2022 with Mr. Morale, and it was glorious. The anticipation was killing every hip-hop fan across the globe, and he did not disappoint. This album is filled with meaningful lyrics about the culture, toxic relationships, and self-love, it features some incredible production, and it is very catchy as well. This album is very deserving of the award. 

Music Video of the Year:

Mo’s Prediction: All Too Well: The Short Film

All Too Well: The Short Film is ten minutes of a beautiful and emotional music video that could be watched a limitless amount of times. Easter eggs of the story behind the song that are sprinkled throughout the music video cause the viewers to have their jaws on the floor. The acting portrayed by Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brian is undeniably astonishing and the connection between the lyrics and the video makes this piece deserves to be known as the best music video of the year.

Juan’s Prediction: The Heart part 5

Kendrick Lamar’s video is an amazing take on modern cinematrography in music. It is just Lamar in front of the camera, charismatically rapping for 5 minutes. As the video progresses he deepfakes several controversial figures in the African-American community to represent his criticisms of the culture. It was an extremely unique way to show the problems with the culture, and it truly deserves the award.

Pop Solo Performance:

Mo’s Prediction: As It Was 

Would you expect nothing less from Harry Styles to have a hit played so often that everyone knows all the lyrics? As It Was is beautifully written and is even more beautifully performed by Harry Styles and his band with his angelic voice and crazy talented musicians playing behind him along the way. With the confidence and talent that this performance contains, As It Was is a performance that is unique and special that is very much deserving of a grammy.

Juan’s Prediction: Bad Habit

Steve Lacy’s “Bad Habit” is without a doubt the best pop song of the year. The extremely catchy vocals, feel-good guitar chords, and the great production makes for an amazing song. Bad Habit is most definitely deserving of the award.


Tune in to CBS on February 5 at 8pm to see how accurate our 2023 Grammy predictions were!