Start your engines – and don’t get stuck out in the cold

Does driving in the winter weather make you nervous? Follow these simple tips to make sure you are safe and prepared for low Towamencin temperatures.


Riley Roach

Even with the tiniest bit of snowfall, it is vital to be prepared for a big storm!

This week, temperatures dropped drastically compared to the last few weeks in Towamencin. This upcoming Friday, when many kids are planning to drive to school, the temperature could be as low as 10 degrees. Many teenagers don’t know how to take care of their cars in freezing weather.

There are many simple ways to alleviate teens’ fears about driving in this possibly dangerous weather. Some of these tips may even be lifesavers. 

Store Emergency Items In Case of a Breakdown- Imagine your car breaking down during the winter months. Weather-related or not, you may be stuck on the side of the road for a good amount of time before someone offers help or help arrives. Having a blanket, gloves, and an extra coat in the back of your car would be a big help in 10-degree weather.


Make Sure Your Windows are Clear – There is no way to drive without being able to see in front of you. If you cannot see out your windshield, or any window at all, you may want to consider clearing them. You can purchase ice scrapers anywhere from Lowe’s to Amazon. Even if you clean your windows and mirrors before you leave your house, bring an ice scraper with you anywhere you drive in case of an emergency.


Get Your Car Serviced – No matter how weatherproof you think your car is, make sure you get it checked out when the weather changes. Having a technician from a local dealership service your car before driving it in the winter can be a huge help and can save you money. Critical things to check are the brakes, battery, and cooling systems. 


Consider Getting Winter Tires – Especially if it is icy, it is important to have tires that won’t slide on the road. Not having tires that can grip the ground may lead you to slide into other cars when trying to brake or slide through stop signs and lights. Make sure you consult with a technician and check out your options for winter tires.


Keep Your Gas Tank Half FullI know it may be hard to always keep your tank half full with rising gas prices, but it could save you money in the long run. Having a half-full tank can help prevent your gas from freezing in your engine. Also, if your car happens to stop due to other issues in your car, the engine can help to keep you warm if you have gas.

After applying these tips, you are sure to be safer during the winter months in Towamencin.