Being faced with challenges leads to Moore success


Peyton Stagliano

Chris Moore believes his positive attitude is what has allowed him to succeed in any sport he has participated in.

From the moment he touched a basketball, Chris Moore knew that this was where his future lay. Moore knew he was different from other athletes and being different meant some challenges. But one thing Moore never backed away from was a challenge.

With a wide variety of sports teams, North Penn High School is home to many student-athletes each with their own individual talent to bring to the sport they participate in. But not many of North Penn’s student athletes are like Chris Moore. When Chris was born his family and doctors were quick to observe that Moore had difficulties using his right arm. After doing some tests they learned that Moore has a nerve dysfunction in his genes that disrupts his general range of motion in his right arm.

Although Moore has grown up his whole life with limited mobility in his arm, this hasn’t stopped him from participating in any kind of sport. Today, Moore plays baseball and basketball as well as runs for the track and field team. Moore was part of the basketball and track and field team at North Penn his freshman and sophomore year, and although he still is part of North Penn’s track team, he decided to dedicate more of his time to club basketball rather than school. But being a part of North Penn athletics has been a significant part of his high school experience.

Moore dribbles down the court to take a shot. (Submitted photo)

“Participating in sports is one of the most important things you can do at North Penn,” Moore shared. “You build lifelong relationships with the people and coaches and the lessons you learn will prepare you for the next level and life beyond that. I also appreciate that our school athletics are so inclusive. They never treated me any different from any other athlete”.

Another aspect of Moore’s athletic career that sets him apart from most other athletes is that growing up he was never sure if he would ever play a sport. Now, Moore’s love for competing is so powerful he couldn’t imagine his life any other way.

“It was weird because I grew up in a very sporty household, yet growing up I didn’t really think about playing sports. When I was a kid I tended to refrain from sports and play with toys instead,” Moore explained. “My parents did try to keep me away from sports to protect me from ever injuring my arm, but after hours of convincing them they finally let me pick up my first sport, which was baseball”.

Many may wonder why Moore would choose a sport such as baseball that requires you to use both arms, but that is what Moore loved about the sport, the challenge it provided.

“Playing baseball with my arm condition was one of the hardest things to adjust to. I think my love for the sport came from always adjusting and finding my own way of doing things and that is what always made me unique as an athlete,” Moore stated.

While he fell in love with baseball and the challenges he was forced to overcome, basketball had an even greater effect.

“From the first time I picked up a basketball I knew that was the sport I truly loved. Whether I was watching it on TV or playing, the love I had for basketball was unmatched,” Moore shared. “I think basketball is where I got all my compassion and the ability to work hard. Basketball just came easier to me. I was able to adjust to the sport much quicker”.

When sports got difficult, one thing that kept Moore strong was the mindset his parents instilled in him from a young age.

“When I first started sports my parents always gave me the mindset that I am no different from any other kid and I can do anything I want in life. Sure I was challenged to adjust to these sports but this mindset always helped me stay positive and keep pushing through the hard times,” Moore explained. “It also helped me view it as a challenge that I got to complete, and that was very rewarding for me”.

Moore specifically gives credit to his father for not only helping him create a strong mindset but for also helping shape him into the young man he is today.

“My father is probably my biggest inspiration because I grew up watching him work hard and demonstrate good mannerisms. He taught me from a young age how to truly be a better person in life,” Moore stated. “My father always did everything he could to help me succeed and perform to my true potential whether that meant helping me adjust to a sport through practice or just simply buying me the gear I needed to pursue a new sport”.

For anyone who doesn’t know Moore, his condition isn’t the first thing that stands out, but rather his personality. From the minute Moore walks into the room his energy is unmatched and he has everyone around him smiling and laughing. Moore admitted that remaining happy and optimistic has always been important in helping him achieve his goals in any aspect of life.

“Bringing positivity into your life consistently throughout the day is what I believe has allowed me to succeed. I learned how to always be optimistic from my role models growing up and just watching them has helped me remain happy and optimistic,” Moore stated. “I believe that if you have a negative mindset about things you are limiting your imagination which prevents you from ever achieving your goals.”

If there is one thing that Moore hopes his journey does, he hopes that it inspires anyone who feels as if they can’t play a sport to participate.

I want all the kids out there to know that even if you feel like you can’t physically play a sport you should try no matter what the circumstance is. No matter if you are amazing or not the best, sports teach you valuable life lessons that you can carry for the rest of your life as well as relationships you can cherish forever

— Chris Moore, NPHS junior

“I want all the kids out there to know that even if you feel like you can’t physically play a sport you should try no matter what the circumstance is. No matter if you are amazing or not the best, sports teach you valuable life lessons that you can carry for the rest of your life as well as relationships you can cherish forever,” Moore expressed.

Life will always come with its challenges regardless of whether or not you have a disadvantage in life. While some may look at Moore and think of all the challenges he must face, Moore knows that those challenges are what have made him stronger.

“Always trying new things and challenging myself was truly the best thing I ever did in life,” Moore concluded.