Board discusses future road changes for 9th grade center


Taylor Young

The board met at the administration building for January’s work session meeting.

LANSDALE – The North Penn School Board January work session took place on Tuesday evening as two groups from outside of the district prepared presentations for the board on new data and upcoming projects for the district.

Simon Bernnard and Anne Leavitt-Gruberger joined the board from the Montgomery County Planning Commission. They elaborated on a thorough presentation put together explaining the district’s populations. Graphics showed birth rates, where homeowners are choosing to buy houses, and our K-12 student count. 

Although the Commission’s data was accurate the board concluded that the past few years was not the best basis for what our communities’ numbers of enrollment were. The addition of full day kindergarten followed by the quarantine impacted the trend of enrollment in the elementary schools.

The possible future 9th grade center was the center of the discussion of the meeting. Andreas Heinrich also brought a presentation explaining the procedures that North Penn would have to undergo to make sure that traffic in the surrounding areas of the high school are not negatively impacted.

Heinrich explained that they had found five intersections that would be impacted by the new building. Possibilities of widening intersections, roundabouts, and four way stop signs were likely solutions to these upcoming problems. The board was concerned by how the timing for this and building the 9th grade center would align.

No other business was discussed after the meeting was quickly adjourned after an audience speaker would not leave the microphone after his three minutes. All meeting information is located at BoardDocs