Tap in to Stove And Tap on Main Street!

Sophisticated food with a local pub’s atmosphere make up the restaurant Stove and Tap in Lansdale.

Michelle Patelmo

Stove and Tap, a restaurant on Main Street, provides the atmosphere of a local pub while serving the food of an upscale restaurant. The restaurant is not afraid to experiment with unbelievable flavor combinations that make your mouth water. Let’s look at what I got for lunch…

Fried Brussel Sprouts – YUM! A perfect mix of opposites – sweet and salty, light and rich, silky and crunchy. Deliciously carmelized with an immaculate amount of browning. Even though these were a starter, I found myself coming back to them throughout the meal. Stove and Tap delivers a large serving that is great to share with friends and family. No dipping sauce is necessary. 10/10!

Warm Mushroom Salad – A yummy blend of umami and tang. The textures complemented each other very well. The mushrooms used could easily serve as a meat substitute, and the mixed greens provided both aesthetic and textural appeal. Here’s a tip, place your mushroom and greens mix on top of the goat cheese crostini for a sophisticated flavor profile. 8.5/10

Coffee Opera Cake – A cake that’s the best of both worlds. The espresso icing provided the lightness that this fudgy cake needed. The espresso beans provided bursts of flavor that complemented the cake very well. You’d never guess this cake is from a bar. 8/10

Michelle Patelmo

While I only got takeout, I felt the warmth and love of their restaurant in the food. Everything was so yummy, but nothing could compare to those brussels sprouts! Explore Stove and Tap’s menu at https://stoveandtap-lansdale.com/#, or find them at 329 W Main St in Lansdale. This restaurant has something for everyone, check Stove and Tap out today!