Wednesday Review: Does it deserve the hype?


Maureen Gambogi

The mystery of Wednesday seeks answers through the eyes of Wednesday Addams.

Wednesday is normally just a boring day of the week but the mysterious, suspenseful, and all together ooky spinoff of The Addams Family, Wednesday, has crept into the number one spot on Netflix and involves mystery, action, and most importantly murder.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

I hate being scared and I cannot stand any gore, but this hair-raising series had me on the edge of my seat as many different plot twists had me wanting to watch more. At the end of each episode, I went straight to the next. After I finished the series, I immediately restarted watching it and sharing the love I had for the show with my family. I definitely recommend this series and I would rank it in the top three out of all of the shows that I have watched.

This story follows the straight-faced and death-loving Wednesday Addams as her parents force her to go to Nevermore, a school made for outcasts. With her sidekick, Thing, and her roommate who is the exact opposite of her, Enid Sinclair, Wednesday unravels the mystery of secret societies, the history of her parents, and reoccurring monster attacks.

The spinoff really caught my attention at the end of the first episode when a terrifying-looking monster, which is later labeled the Hyde, saved Wednesday from being killed. At this moment, the series took a turn that I was not expecting. With other storylines in play, the biggest question of who the unknowing Hyde was added a great twist. The way the show was made, it felt like each character was a suspect and made me feel unknowing about who to trust.

The biggest plot twist of them all was the love interest, Tyler Galpin, revealing himself as the Hyde. Not only that, Professor Thornhill, one of Wednesday’s teachers at Nevermore was behind it all as she manipulated Tyler in her scheme to get rid of Nevermore and resurrect Crackstone, an ancestor of Thornhill’s.

This puts into question whether or not Tyler was truly falling in love with Wednesday or if it was all just for Thornhill’s ultimate plan. I like to believe that Tyler really had feelings for Wednesday, especially since it seems like Wednesday would be impossible to fall in love with since she is stubborn and dull. Tyler was one of the only things that made Wednesday show emotion and I would hate to think that it was all just an act.

In addition, Thornhill came off as trustworthy and sweet as she labeled herself as an outcast in a world of outcasts. I love unexpected endings and the final fight between Wednesday and Crackstone included that feeling. Xavier Thorpe, the second love interest in the love triangle, came to help Wednesday even after she suspected he was the Hyde and was the reason he ended up behind bars. If Tyler did not truly love Wednesday, there is still hope with her feelings for Xavier to set sail in a potential season two.

The acting in this series was phenomenal, especially by Jenna Ortega, who starred as Wednesday Addams, as she took on a lot of different challenges when portraying this role. The iconic director, Tim Burton, requested Ortega not to blink unless she feels that her character is feeling uncomfortable. This adds a lot to her character and I am glad he added this small but effective detail. Wednesday’s character loves to write and play cello to clear her mind and Ortega even learned to play cello for the show. Not to mention the iconic dancing scene that has gone viral on social media. Ortega choreographed her own dance and there have been thousands of recreations that caused the song, Bloody Mary, by Lady Gaga to come back from the dead after it was released eleven years ago.

Overall, I am very impressed by this show and the twists and turns that come with it. I believe it deserves the recognition that it is receiving and I really hope that it gets renewed for a second season.