Holiday Art & Craft Market at Eclipse Center for Creative Community


Kate Miller

Ceramic dishes made by local artist, Julia Gastor.

With the holiday season approaching, there is no better gift than the gift of art. Eclipse Center for Creative Community brought together a combination of 50 local artists and vendors to help the community of Lansdale join in celebrating the season of giving. With various art forms such as handcrafted jewelry, sketches and paintings, and even tye-dye clothing made by hand, artists and small businesses banded together to spread holiday cheer. Artists from different backgrounds were involved in the event, including one of North Penn High School’s students, Raymond Fox.

Eclipse has dedicated itself to spreading positivity throughout Lansdale through art for almost two years. The multi-functional gallery and art studio help introduce local artists to the community by highlighting their work on the walls of their gallery and even provides a small store open year-round for artists to sell their work.

Eclipse’s boutique featuring many local artists and their creations. (Kate Miller)

“Our mission is to promote the arts and artists and create a community hub where everyone feels welcome. The more we can give artists a venue to sell their work and connect with people, the better. Hosting the market gave us the opportunity to open the space to more artists and artisans in an indoor setting so they can make the most of the season,” Joanne Coppens, Director of Eclipse Center for Creative Community, said.

Supporting an independent artist can have so many positive effects. Everyone starts from somewhere. As the holiday season comes closer, artists prepare to share their talents with the world, hoping their artwork will bring happiness and inspiration to those around them.

“Lansdale is full of art in many different forms in places you wouldn’t necessarily think of, from businesses that feature the work of local artists on their walls for your enjoyment to businesses that offer artists space to hang art for sale. Look for stores like the Moon Gazing Rabbit, Scent and Sip, and Shane and Pepper, which have candle-making classes to support their mission… Another really important thing you can do is help spread the word about artists and organizations you like. Sign up for their newsletter and follow them on the social media platforms you use. There is an incredible amount of time and effort that goes into creating art; that is only one part of being a successful artist,” Coppens explained.

Art is for everyone, whether you’re creating, admiring, designing, or appreciating the artwork surrounding you. Art helps develop a community of people who support and accept each other. Eclipse and the Lansdale community work hand in hand to ensure that the positive effects of art can be appreciated by all of Lansdale.

Crochet dolls made by local artist Maty Silva. (Kate Miller)

“Art and culture is a proven component of revitalization, which Lansdale has dedicated years of effort to. Neighborhoods are built around food and entertainment, community events, shared experiences, and unique points of pride. Art contributes to the identity of an area, like the Kugel Ball, the many murals in town, music in The Rock Den, and hopefully, someday, Eclipse,” Coppens claimed.

The gift of art can truly be the best to receive. By giving your loved ones a gift made with love, you are providing a sincere and thoughtful gift and helping support an artist and their family this holiday season. Art doesn’t have to be just paintings; there is something within the extensive spectrum of art that will fulfill everyone’s desires. The most enjoyable art form can be found as close as North Penn High School.

“There are so many things that you can do to enjoy the arts as part of your seasonal celebrations, like giving the gift or art or enjoying a concert or play. Attending a local school theater production or concert is something that you can enjoy that creates a ripple effect. Supporting school art programs, the teachers and community members who make those events possible, and cheering on young performers inspires them to continue to perform,” Coppens concluded.