600 cars drive through North Penn on Electronic Recycling Day


John Collier

Volunteers and ENACT club members gather to sort electronics on 11/12.

This year’s Electronic Recycling Day held on November 12 was a huge success for the ENACT club. Around 600 cars stopped by to drop off electronics. In order to increase volunteer turnout, ENACT opened its doors to high school students who were not directly involved with the club. The event ran smoothly due to the efforts of 70 volunteers.

“For the first time we decided to open up our volunteering to Key Club and NHS, so we didn’t limit it to just ENACT. We got more than 70 volunteers to come and help us out. It was a full day event. We partnered with PAR-Recycle Works, which is a non-profit organization. People from the community come in and they’ll park their car by the nature center then we take out the used electronics. WIth the help of PAR we put it in their trucks, so they can be safely disposed of,” Vice President of ENACT Nicole Mattiacci, explained.

PAR-Recycle Works volunteers join ENACT students for Electronics Recycling day
(John Collier)

Facebook is responsible for a large portion of the success that ENACT experienced over the weekend.

“Mr. Collier, our advisor, is really involved in the community. He was active in helping us and guiding the cabinet in planning massive events. We designed posters, virtual flyers and put them on social media especially Facebook. Facebook played a huge role in getting people at the high school,” Mattiacci added.

As one of the biggest clubs at North Penn, ENACT participates in numerous community outreach events.

“ENACT Club is an environmental action club. We have meetings twice a month on Tuesdays. I think it is a great place to go if you are interested in learning about the environment, environmental issues, and to help out in our community,” Mattiacci said.

Hosting a successful Electronic Recycling Day and Tree-Plenish are the biggest goals for the club this school year as well as improving the Green Gazette.

“For this year, one of our goals was to have a successful Electronic Recycling Day, which we did. There were 600 cars. One of our other goals is to have a successful Tree Plenish fundraiser in the springtime. We also want to improve our community outreach with our Green Gazette newsletter,” Mattiacci explained.

Students helping sort electronics into boxes. (John Collier)

ENACT club creates a welcoming atmosphere in the club and encourages students to join.

“I entered North Penn during the virtual year. I was really interested in politics and history so I joined the ENACT club because I always had an interest in activism. I took a lot of Environmental Science courses, which gave me an interest to learn more. When I was in the ENACT club I saw all these people who shared the same interests and passions as me. It’s a really welcoming community and I was able to get more engaged in environmental activism. The club has something for everyone. If you’re a STEM kid, if you’re interested in politics and activism, or if you just want to get your volunteer hours. ENACT club is a friendly, welcoming, and diverse space. It’s a second home to us. We are all really involved,” Mattiacci concluded.