“You’re only as good as your second serve”


Submitted photo

Iyengar poses with all the rackets people donated to Second Serve.

Do you have old tennis equipment just lying around your house that you don’t know what to do with? Well, today is your lucky day because Second Serve will take that equipment off your hands and donate it to underprivileged children all around the world.

Second Serve is a youth-run organization that collects and donates new and lightly used tennis equipment to underprivileged children. This organization works around the world stretching from 26 states to 14 different countries.

Tarun Iyengar, a junior at North Penn High School is a Regional President of this successful organization. He has started pop up donation stations at various locations in the county and is planning to add more. After volunteering with Second Serve for a little over a year Iyengar has seen a difference and wants to get as many people involved as possible.

“It’s good to give kids an opportunity to stay physically active and have fun or maybe find a passion with the equipment but along with that it also helps reduce equipment waste that is still in great condition,” Iyengar stated.

A box full of tennis clothes ready to be donated to many lucky children. (Submitted photo)

Second Serve allows children with financial struggles to have the same opportunities as other children. It gives kids a chance to fall in love with the game of tennis without having to worry about the expenses of the equipment.

“It made me realize how lucky I am to have parents who are able to get equipment for me when I need it. I don’t ever have to worry about breaking a string or needing new shoes. I can always just ask my parents and we’ll be able to find a way to get me that,” Iyengar continued. “But some kids don’t even have the chance to play tennis in the first place and I really love the sport. I can’t imagine what effect it would have on people if every person was given the chance to try tennis. It just makes me realize how lucky a lot of us are with being able to have sports equipment.”

Second Serve works with volunteers for ages 12 to 17 and is always accepting new participants. Applications can be found on their website www.secondserve.org to become part of the team.

If you are interested in donating gently used equipment you can find drop boxes at the Doylestown Tennis Club or at Frog Hollow Racquet Club. You can also contact Iyengar at [email protected] to set up a time to pick up the equipment.