Board recognizes Bridle Path’s students acheivements


Emily Dahms

The first stop of the School Baord’s “tour” of the district at the Montgomery Township building.

MONTGOMERY TWP -The Montgomery Township building was the first stop of the district wide “tour” for this year’s North Penn School Board meetings. This action meeting highlighted one of our elementary school’s students’ accomplishments

“As part of what Mrs. Stoll shared, that we are taking the show on the road and taking school board meetings out in the community at multiple municipalities. We are celebrating some of our students at each meeting,” Dr Todd Bauer stated.

Three students from Bridle Path shared some of the positive things the school has been accomplishing. The group of students were all a part of the “Mighty Mustangs” which are a cheer club they have organized. The team highlights positivity and their slogan “Pride.” Pride represents Positive, Respectful, Inclusive, Dependable and Engaged. The students at Bridle Path try to incorporate this motto into their everyday learning.

In Mrs. Juliane Ramic’s report she introduced the annual “Unite to Inspire” fundraiser.

“This month we hold our annual ‘unite to inspire’ staff giving programs. North Penn staff members who donate can win awesome prizes include a Yeti cooler and Eagles tickets. Everyone who donates receives a small prize from the foundation,” Ramic explained.

The ribbon cutting and renovations of Knapp were mentioned and how it positively impacted the community and North Penn alumni. Along with more positivity in the community, recognition to bus drivers and the relationships between students and them were recognized.

In the Audience of citizens there was mention of the gratitude to the board for expanding their location for meetings. Having the meeting in their own township makes it easier for more people to come and recognizes their community’s contribution to the district.

The next meeting will be at the Hatfield Township building. All meeting information and schedules are located on Board Docs.