Hassler settling in as new NPHS principal



New Sherriff in town! M. Kyle Hassler is settling in to his new role as principal of North Penn HS.

TOWAMENCIN – He’s certainly not new to the North Penn School District, but he is new to his current office, and for Mr. Kyle Hassler, this new office means another big administrative change to North Penn High School. 

Hassler is now about two months into his new role as North Penn High school’s new principal. 

For the past few years, Hassler has been the principal of Penndale Middle school, although this won’t be his first experience in high school 

 “I was an assistant principal before I went down to the middle school,” Hassler said. Although he’s been the principal at Penndale Middle School for the last three years, he is glad to be back.  

“I missed high school students until I came back and I have to say I feel very comfortable back at the high school,” Hassler said.   

Although Hassler has had much experience in North Penn, He isn’t restricted in his expertise. Hassler, even before his time as an assistant principal, spent his time as an assistant program administrator for alternative education and special education programming for Berks county.

Through this program, Hassler experienced “A lot of non-traditional schooling” but he doesn’t believe this changed the level of education he could teach. 

“Being able to work in those smaller environments and make deeper connections with students, it really helped guide me on how to interact with students at the high school and middle school,” Hassler explained.   

The new administration has already come with a few recent changes, such as the change to the new homework policy.

 “I think that really to look at why the homework policy was put in place – It was put in place to help students – To really kind of make sure that there was a structure to the work they’re doing at home,” Hassler explained.  

Beyond just the homework policy, Hassler is certainly settled in and ready to lead North Penn through our post-pandemic days.