Steve Lacy: The Concert Experience


Juan Fernandez

Steve Lacy in concert.

You may know him as that guy who sings “Bad Habit.” Maybe you heard of him for the first time over the past summer on TikTok. The truth is, Steve Lacy is a genius in his realm.

With the release of Gemini Rights in mid-July, Lacy proved that he was capable of creating an incredible self-produced solo album. His previous full-length tapes had a multitude of highlights, but as cohesive projects, they did not come together the way his obvious talent indicated they should have. Gemini Rights, however, finally realized Lacy’s potential as a producer, songwriter, and performer.

I had the privilege of seeing Lacy perform his new album in concert this past Tuesday, and it was, to say the least, incredible. To begin with, the venue in Philadelphia, The Fillmore, has a holding capacity of 2500 people. This guaranteed the concert to be a very intimate and personal experience between the fans and Lacy himself. As the theater slowly began to fill, the aura of excitement was palpable.

“I was so excited, it felt like I was waiting forever,” Anna Babinchak stated, a fan who was also in attendance.

When he finally arrived on stage, the wait was instantly made worthwhile. The atmosphere in the venue was switched from one of anxiety to pure joy. Everyone was ecstatic to see Lacy come out on stage, and for good reason. As the first song began to play, his talent as a performer was noticeable immediately.

“It didn’t even feel real when I saw him come out, I’ve been listening for so long and I never thought I’d see him in person,” Babinchak explained.

With incredible vocal and guitar performances on songs like “Helmet,” “Give you the world,” and “Dark Red,” an amazing atmosphere that was accompanied by his interactions with all the fans. It was truly an incredible experience all around.

As Steve Lacy continues to rise in popularity all around the world, his music will only continue to improve. We should all be excited about what is in store for this young man, and whatever it is, it will surely be worth a listen.