For Mrs. Christine Moll, German has never been just a job


Marissa Leibowitz

Moll sit proudly in front of the German Flag in her classroom.

When work becomes a pleasure, it doesn’t feel like work at all. For the new German Teacher, Mrs. Christine Moll, this is the case. From her first exploratory German class in fifth grade, Moll knew where her path was going to end up.

For Moll, German was a passion for the majority of her educational journey. Not only did she latch onto the German language, but also the culture. The love of the language and culture led her to the decision of going into teaching.

“When I was a kid, German was just my favorite and I thought it was so interesting and fun, learning about the culture and I just loved the intricacy of the grammar,” Moll explained. “I wanted to do something with German, but not be a diplomat or a politician, so I thought education was a good way to go.”

After receiving her undergraduate degree at Ursinus College, she got a job at Pennfield Middle School teaching courses from exploratory German to German 2. While teaching at Pennfield, Moll also received her Master’s Degree from Wilkes University. While she was at home with her kids, she earned an additional 15 credits from Desales University to get an endorsement in ESL.

After taking a break from her job at Pennfield to take care of her kids and a job in the Berks County District, Moll found her way back to the beginning of her teaching journey, North Penn.

“I’m so happy to be back. The district has changed so much since I was here years ago at Pennfield,” Moll explained.

With a great student body and colleagues, the transition for Moll has been almost seamless. All except for the technology which is very different from when she was here almost 20 years ago.

“I’m still trying to wrap my head around all of the technology,” Moll explained. “The students are great. My colleagues are great. That has been the easy part.”

Moll’s love for teaching is so strong, she decided to use her weekends to teach student drivers how to hit the roads safely.

“I honestly love it. I look forward to it every weekend. It’s just so much fun for me,” Moll exclaimed.

During Moll’s junior year at Ursinus College, she was granted the opportunity to study abroad in Germany for a year which turned out to be a life-changing experience for her.

“It was the best thing I ever did. I wouldn’t say I was sheltered, but I grew up in a small town, went to a small college, and I had it in my mind that I had to do something,” Moll said.

After a difficult first few weeks for Moll in Germany, she began to fit right in.

“I moved there in August and by Christmas, no one knew I was an English speaker. I was so proud of myself,” Moll exclaimed. “My experience, as cheesy as it sounds, literally changed my life.”

Living in and visiting Germany allowed Moll to make a ton of friends abroad, helping her make her solo trip to Germany last year a possibility.

“This past summer I had decided that I was going to go by myself to Germany and before I left I contacted everyone I knew and I told them that I want to come to Germany. I was like, ‘Are you gonna be around? Can we meet up and can I stay with you?’ So I was in Germany for 22 nights and paid for one hotel and it was the night before my flight back home,” Moll explained.

All the years of visiting Germany alone had been very rewarding for Moll, but going with her family was a big deal for her. Sharing her passion and livelihood with them was a fulfilling experience Moll will never forget.

“We went once all together which was a big deal. We stayed with 3 sets of my friends so our kids got to play and spend time together,” Moll said.

Moll wanted her kids to experience a place different from where they grew up.

“I was like look kids, there’s something besides southeastern Pennsylvania,” Moll exclaimed.

Trips to Germany were not the only traveling abroad the Moll family has done over the years.

“My son counted 22 countries that we took him to over the years,” Moll said. “We thought that they should see the world.”

The radiating smile from Moll when speaking about teaching gives German students confidence that they are getting a teacher who loves what she is doing. For Moll, German has not just been her career but has given her one of her biggest passions and enjoyments in life.