Rattigan loving new role at Kulp Elementary

HATFIELD- It’s a new school year. A new opportunity. A new beginning. For former North Penn High School assistant principal Dr. Sara Rattigan, this year offers a lifetime dream.

Rattigan began this year as the new Principal at Kulp Elementary school. Coming from an assistant principal role at the high school, Rattigan was unsure how the shift in jobs would affect her, especially with the age difference in the students.

“Coming into this role the thing I was most concerned about was just missing the connections with the kids,” Rattigan stated. 

Rattigan has adjusted to the new atmosphere fast and is quickly feeling the positivity of the environment she is now in. For what could have been a difficult transition, this one was the complete opposite.

“I loved the transition. Kulp is amazing,” Rattigan said. “The warmth here is different. The kids are so sweet.”

The warmth here is different. The kids are so sweet.

— Dr. Sara Rattigan, Principal- AM Kulp

For Rattigan, this job came at an essential time in her career and was the opportunity she has been waiting for her entire life. 

“I’ve embraced it. It was a dream job I had years ago,” Rattigan added.

Rattigan emphasized the importance of building a community and having a positive impact on the staff and students to make Kulp the best environment it can be. 

Led by Rattigan, a community night was held at Kulp Elementary for staff, students, and parents, for a chance to meet new people and help bring the school community together. There was ice cream for everyone, and the kids all got to enjoy themselves. Hundreds of people were in attendance for this event, showing the rapidity of growth of the family at the school. 

My focus is community. I’m working to build this community like a village.

— Dr. Sara Rattigan

“My focus is community. I’m working to build this community like a village,” Rattigan explained. “My focus and my goal over the next couple years is really the family and community engagement.”

Having taken on this new role, Rattigan is making it a point to rewrite the script on the impact of a principal on their school, and not just make it about the one students fear having to see.

“Discipline is four percent of my job. 96% is really everything else,” Rattigan added.

Reflecting on the start of the school year, Rattigan is ecstatic about how it began and how the school community welcomed her in. With a promising start, the path ahead for Kulp is in great shape.

“If they didn’t rally around me and trust me and believe in me then none of this would’ve worked. It really isn’t about me it’s about them. They’re the ones who accepted me into this family,” Rattigan reflected.