It’s been an eventful 4,000 days…

In the over 4,000 days, making up the 11 years since the last Phillies playoff appearance, a lot has happened.


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11 years of enjoying Phillies games for North Penn Students and Teachers

11 years. So much has happened in the 11 year playoff drought for the Phillies, especially in the lives of current North Penn High School students, for whom that 11 years represents a majority of their young lives. 

Monday Night in Houston, Texas the Phillies clinched a wild card spot for the first time since 2011 with a 3-0 victory over the Astros, just like they did 11 years ago. 

In the 11 years without a spot in the playoffs for the Phillies, so much has happened for us North Penn students. Let’s break down some of the biggest events we have experienced in the 11 years. 

  • Students getting their driver’s licenses

11 years ago we were on our way to a play date in a car seat in the back seat of our moms mini-van, now we are the ones driving their old mini-vans. 

  • We changed schools not once, but twice 

Elementary to middle school and still no Phillies playoff appearance. 

  • Getting jobs 

11 years ago we were talking about our dream jobs, now we are actually working. 

  • We learned to read and write 

The most basic skill to us was something that seemed impossible 11 years ago. 

  • Applying to college 

College wasn’t even a thought 11 years ago and now students are applying to college and even someare seeing acceptances.

  • Rise and Fall of One Direction 

A group formed in 2010 saw a playoff caliber team and broke up before they could get back to that place.

  • Eagles win their first Super Bowl 

A team that saw a 57 year Super Bowl drought won before the Phillies made it back to the playoffs. 

  • A pandemic

The world shut down for a year and even the Phillies couldn’t save our boredom. 

  • 28 Marvel Movies were released 

The biggest movie franchise in the world released 1 film in the years the Phillies were in the playoffs and 28 while they were not. Think about that. 

  • Puberty. 

Enough said. 

The Phillies look to take game 1 against the Cardinals Friday afternoon, first pitch, 2:07pm in the Gateway City. Hopefully, we don’t have to publish another article like this in 11 years.