Mr. Bui rewriting his path to the castle


Ethan Beleiff

Mr. Bui’s new residence at D103 has also become his favorite spot to wave off students as the day ends.

If there was a word that describes Mr. Kenneth Bui’s educational career, it would be evolutionary. His personal record encompasses not only directing theater, instructing debate, creative writing, and AP English language, but now he is taking on the role of Assistant Principal as one of North Penn’s 2022 newcomers.

“I was super involved in school, always… and, as with getting involved in many ways, I could support other students not just in, but outside of the classroom, too. So all those experiences really led me into an interest in education and leadership,” Bui remarked.

Though his passions were not always in line with the classroom, and instead in the legal system. Bui believes that interactions with his original interests were a pivotal step in his path to education.

“When I was in high school in Central Bucks we had something called a grad project, where you got to select a field of study related to career exploration. For me, I picked shadowing with a district attorney at the local courthouse, and I absolutely loved it, because I simply love the idea of law⁠ and I could see myself doing it⁠— but somehow I also couldn’t, something just didn’t click,” Bui said.

In pursuing what he loved since his youth, Bui found that his skills aligned far more at a humanistic level than in the courtroom.

“I remember a teacher saying, ‘have you ever considered teaching, or working in education? If your goals are to help people and connect with language and speaking, writing, and reading in a positive way, isn’t that teaching?’ And from that, I started to put the dots together,” Bui continued.

Following a bachelor’s degree in secondary education and a master’s degree in educational leadership, he returned to Central Bucks for over seven years between CB South, CB West, Tohickon Middle School, and most recently Unami Middle School to nurture his career in education. The chance to extend his career out of his home district was one he was ecstatic to pounce at.

“It’s interesting when you’re in one district for your entire career and then just⁠— changing. It’s a big change, but I’m really, really excited about it… It’s been great to see where my past experiences have translated and been relevant to the work I’m doing here,” Bui concluded.