North Penn’s newest musical experience


Kate Miller

The new guitar lab class gathers around for a picture.

Kate Miller, Staff Writer

For students who want to be the next Van Halen, North Penn has it covered.

After years of planning, the new Guitar Lab has been brought to life at North Penn High School. Guitar Lab is a minor course that meets twice a cycle, consisting of eleven total sections where all equipment is provided. The course is led by one of North Penn’s newest additions, Mr. Andrew Meehan, and Mr. Daniel Tumolo. They work hand in hand to bring students from all walks of life together to further their music education.

“The main goal of this course is to try to get students who are interested in music but haven’t taken the traditional route throughout the school of chorus, orchestra, or band,” Meehan explained.

Unlike other music courses, Guitar Lab requires no prior music experience and also welcomes students with extensive guitar backgrounds. This variety of experiences provides a learning environment that will benefit both students and teachers while also creating a safe space for students to create music of their own.

“There’s a lot of big ideas coming up,” Meehan indicated.

Because the class is new, there are many additions to the curriculum expected in the future. They hope to include different levels of learning, such as intermediate and advanced courses for students who aren’t quite beginners, in order to achieve the goal of both challenging students and helping them reach their full potential.

“What makes it special is it’s not something that every school district offers,” Meehan remarked.

North Penn’s ensembles have been recognized across the country, and Guitar Lab could be next. With opportunities like these, students are provided with the great advantage of learning things that they are genuinely passionate about during their school day.

“Music trains every part of your brain,” Meehan said. “You kind of get a cross-curricular of every subject.”

Not only do students get to explore the world of music, but they also have the opportunity to study their core subjects with a guitar in hand. Music programs can give students the chance to learn the history of their instruments as well as the music they’re playing, the science of how their instrument works and plays in tune, physical education such as posture, and the mathematics of music theory.

“I’m also excited to see where the class goes. It’s so new, and they’re so many opportunities already,” said Lilah Grecco, one of the course’s many new students.

With the school year to follow, the goal is for students to step outside their comfort zone and create new friendships with students that they wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet in their traditional classes. The possibilities seem endless within this course and will hopefully continue throughout North Penn for years to come.