Alumni owned Mystic Restaurant- The staple pizzeria in The Orchards


Riley Roach

Mystic Restaurant is a locally owned business, thriving for over 30 years in the North Penn community.

Almost every neighborhood has a gathering place for the community. For the Orchards, Mystic Restaurant is the go-to. 

Mystic Restaurant is a family business run by North Penn alumni, Denis and James Marques. The brothers’ father was the first owner, but is now semi-retired and handing the business down. The well-known restaurant in North Wales has been around since 1991 and is the only location. Originally, Mystic was run by multiple families, but now it is exclusively the Marques’ family emblem. 

“Originally, my father started out with two other partners. My father was a silent partner and as the business grew, the other two partners moved on. One left and decided he didn’t want to do the business anymore, so he went on to do computers. The other one left and decided he wanted to be on his own. My dad stayed,” James Marques said. 

The location of the restaurant itself plays a big role for everyone in the surrounding area. The Marques brothers were in the restaurant 24/7 growing up. They would always have somewhere to go and something to do. One of the main things Mystic strives for is to create a safe space for the kids in the neighborhood adjacent to the restaurant.

“The kids from the neighborhood also have a place to go anytime they want. To hang out with friends, get a pizza, get some dinner, or just come here; that’s what we did and that’s what we expect to carry on as the years go by,” James explained. 

Outside of just the neighborhood, Mystic Restaurant has lots of loyal customers that they have known and been serving for decades. They are known for their great customer service that keeps people coming back for more. Food-wise, the pizzeria is known for its pizza, sandwiches, and pasta dishes.  

“Service is pretty much what we are known for. Over the past couple of decades when we’ve been here, we built a lot of relationships with our customers, so it’s like you have local cheerers. Everybody knows your name. Everybody’s friendly. If not our food, that’s definitely the next best thing we are known for,” Denis Marques said. 

In addition to serving the locals, Mystic Restaurant helps out in bigger ways. Fundraising is an amazing way for businesses to contribute to a bigger cause.

“We do fundraisers all the time. We donate all the time to a lot of different things. One of the biggest things we do is a lot of donations to schools,” James said. “We also donate a lot of food and money to different kinds of charities like Manna on Main Street and the fire departments.”

After 31 years, Mystic Restaurant has grown exponentially and plans to continue to serve the community for as long as possible. Both Marques brothers have children of their own and if they want to be a part of the business, they can be in the future.

“This is it. We have been doing the same thing for 31 years. We hope to be here for at least another 31 years.”

Mystic Restaurant is located at 515 Stump Rd, North Wales, PA 19454. You can dine in or call to place an order at (215) 855-3515.