Ms. Taylor Esher starting a fulfilling new experience as guidance counselor


Aidan Simon

Ms. Esher started her new career as a helping hand for North Penn seniors.

From the world of Academia to an exciting new role of being the guidance counselor at North Penn only a few days before school started this year, Ms. Taylor Esher has only just begun the journey that awaits her.

Graduating from the master’s program in counselor education at the College of New Jersey, Esher threw herself enthusiastically into the job of a high school counselor, and she set her sights on North Penn High School which quickly adopted her. She is ecstatic at this new opportunity to help the seniors with any issues they may face, even if it is a learning experience for her.

“This is my first counseling job out of grad school and I was super scared that I wouldn’t be good at it, and that I was way in over my head. Honestly, I absolutely love this job, I feel like I have a purpose. It was definitely stressful the first couple of days, with things like schedule changes, but now that I have gotten my feet wet, I feel like I am more grounded, and I feel like I am learning a lot,” Esher said.

Previously, before her position at North Penn, she worked with many college and high school students through an internship at Hunterdon Central High and being an assistant for her grad school. This is her first professional full-time job working with students, but she believes that she has made a smooth transition up to this point.

Esher has been learning the ropes of guiding students to become their better selves. The home office staff have been supportive of her, and the students have demonstrated full support during her first year.

“My coworkers are super supportive, so if there are any questions that I have, I am able to ask them, and then they can help me out. I tell my students all the time that if I don’t know the answer, I’ll find out the answer and we are all learning together,” Esher mentioned.

Esher is also aligned with the new technologies the school has implemented over the past few years.

“I think technology has definitely come a long way, and if we didn’t have the technology we have today, I wouldn’t be able to reach as many kids as I’d like to be, and they wouldn’t be reaching out to me as easily as they would like to. I definitely think it’s beneficial, I get emails all the time from students, teachers, parents all the time, so I think it is a key piece of what I do,” Esher remarked.

Esher also values her free time, enjoying the finer things in life with her loved ones.

“During my free time, I greatly enjoy spending quality time with my friends and family. I love being in nature, as well as taking long walks with my dog. I also enjoy traveling whenever I have the opportunity to do so,” Esher explained.