Franek polishes a lifetime hobby into a working business


Maureen Gambogi

Franek nails into success with her rising business

Who knew that watching nail videos on YouTube as a kid could help someone grow into being a young entrepreneur? For Jocelyn Franek, a junior at North Penn High School, her favorite hobby has flourished into a paying “business” that she enjoys working on in her free time.

“The goal of doing nails wasn’t even to start a business. It was more of to do my friends’ nails and spend time with my friends. It was something that I could do for fun while making a little bit of money off of it,” Franek explained.

Having had an interest in nails ever since she was young, Franek took this talent and turned it into an opportunity to make money. Not only does this occupied student-athlete work at a hair salon, but she has also expanded her crafty interests into doing nails. Franek grew up watching nail videos on YouTube and Instagram. Once repeatedly watching many professionals’ progress and techniques, this workaholic worked on her skills to a point where she realized that she could do something with her given gift.

“I am self-taught and I just knew the whole process from going to the nail salon. Without going to the nail salon I probably wouldn’t know what I was doing but I am also learning new techniques on YouTube” Franek said.

Franek’s time management skills take part in a large majority of her organization when making appointments. Taking mostly anything she gets, the young business owner works around her overloaded schedule to make time to get the job down. Although Franek doesn’t have a timed schedule, she will make time for you and do her best job to set your satisfaction.

“When people compliment my nails I tell them I do my own nails and offer to do their nails. It does take me a long time to do nails because I like to take my time so I don’t publicize it too much but if people come up to me and ask I’ll gladly do your nails,” Franek stated.

This business is very adjustable with no set price but tips are greatly appreciated. Ranging from $5 up to $40, Franek appreciates all the money she can get and with her hard work and dedication, she deserves every dollar she makes.