Red Bull flavors to give students their wings


Marissa Leibowitz

Red Bulls stocked up at a local Wawa.

Energy drinks have taken over the hallways of North Penn with students looking for a little pick me up to get through the grueling school day. The Red Bull edition collection has a variety of flavors making your morning taste a bit better.

The Red Edition- Watermelon

The Red Edition does not shy away from its Watermelon flavor. The Watermelon is the only prominent flavor in the Red Edition that is easy to recognize. The taste is comparable to a Watermelon Jolly Rancher so it can be a little sweet for the morning.

The Peach Edition- Peach-Nectarine

The Peach Edition combines a sweet and very slight sour flavor exactly like a peach or nectarine. The taste is very similar to a peach iced tea, making it easy to drink. The taste is not too over the top making it a drink that you can enjoy all day. This is my personal favorite and a go-to for me.

The Summer Edition- Apricot-Strawberry

The Summer Edition is the newest Edition to the Red Bull collection. It combines the sweet flavors of strawberry and apricot making it surprising that it isn’t more of a sweet drink. This is perfect for the morning because its tastes almost exactly like a Strawberry Gogurt, but carbonated. This flavor is ideal for summer!

The Yellow Edition- Tropical

The Yellow Edition is another great flavor for summer. It’s a mix of familiar tropical fruits like mango and pineapple leaving you in a tropical mood. The less overpowering sweetness makes this easy to enjoy. It is a fan favorite and sometimes even hard to find them on the shelves because of how amazing they are.

The Green Edition- Dragonfruit

The Green Edition doesn’t taste like dragonfruit flavor, it is more comparable to green apple. This is a flavor I do not enjoy personally. I think that because of the green apple taste it gives off, it tastes too much like candy and is hard to drink the entire thing. If you are a person with a sweet tooth this edition is perfect for you!


The Blue Edition- Blueberry

The Blue Edition is my least favorite of these flavors. I am not a big fan of blueberry-flavored things, which could be the reason. The flavor is very overpowering and just feels like too much for a drink. Another flavor that is too hard to finish because of the sweetness. If you are a fan of anything blueberry this is a perfect drink for you!

The Coconut Edition- Coconut Berry

The Coconut Edition combines a light berry flavor with a very overpowering coconut flavor. The berry can only be tasted in the after taste and even there it is very slight. If you are not a fan of coconut I advise against this drink. The label saying coconut berry is very misleading with the lack of berry taste in this drink.