In the Wake of retirement, new chapter begins

Not everyone is committed enough to dedicate twenty-nine years of their lives on one thing. However, if you love what you do like Dianne Wakefield, time will fly. The long-time North Penn science teacher will be retiring after this school year.

In 1993, Wakefield began what would turn out to be a successful career at North Penn High school. Throughout the years she has taught Astronomy and AP and Honors Physics. She has seen many students and teachers come and go, things changing before her eyes.

“I think I’ve changed, my students have changed, cultures have changed, the way kids dress have changed. I would say the change has been good for the most part. It’s a nice place to work,” Wakefield explained.

Along with her science classes, Wakefield was also the advisor of the Indian Cultural Association, Robotics, and African American Awareness Association.

“[The clubs] are different from teaching, but there is a very positive impact on my life being with those groups,” Wakefield said.

Wakefield has made the most of her time here, building bonds with students and teaching subjects that she is passionate about.

“Being able to teach what I love, as content, is pretty satisfying. The best moments are the time in the classroom with my students, I cherish them all,” Wakefield elaborated.

Spending almost three decades in North Penn high school has brought a lot of lessons and experiences for her.

“I’m taking away 29 years of meeting new people, teaching new courses, and being with colleagues that I appreciate. There’s too much positive. Very little negative,” Wakefield said.

You don’t always have to let go of something you’ve been doing for a long time, especially if you feel passionately about it like Wakefield does about her field.

“I am probably going to continue to do something that is related to my field… I don’t want to give up physics; I will probably tutor,” Wakefield said.

Wakefield is choosing to make the most of her retirement by setting goals and doing things she loves.

“I want to be healthy, I want to be with my family. I want to wake up late. My biggest goal is to sleep in until at least 8 every day,” Wakefield explained. “I have grandchildren now so I really want to spend time with my grandchildren. I want to travel… I just want to enjoy the next phase.”

Through it all, Wakefield is especially appreciative of her students, and will keep memories of them close to her after her departure from North Penn.

“I think this place has given me a chance to grow. I’ve let my peers and my content enrich itself, but I am going to miss the interaction with my students. I know that’s going to be the hardest thing; not knowing where they’re going or what they’re doing. I will miss that,” Wakefield concluded.