10 tips for incoming sophomores entering North Penn High School


Julia Shearer

One of the many signs found in the hallways to help guide students.

Speaking from experience, sophomore year at the high school is nothing short of chaotic. With students running around during the four minutes between classes trying to get to the right pod on time, it can be overwhelming. I’m here to try and ease some of this nervousness with tips for incoming sophomores.

1. DON’T be afraid to ask for help- there are so many friendly faces throughout the halls, and they can answer almost any question you have whether it’s directions or other advice
2. Follow the signs- There are signs posted throughout the school, indicating where you are near. Believe it or not, these are a total life saver, and will always point you in the right direction if you get a little twisted up.
3. When in doubt, get a late pass- usually teachers are pretty lenient towards being a minute or two late, but it never hurts to have a pass for the rare time you may need one.
4. Keep track of your ID or get a new one- Instead of standing in line every morning waiting to punch in your number by hand, make sure you have your ID to quickly scan and get to knight time.
5. Take advantage of the free lunches- Even if you don’t like what’s being served, you could go through line and get food for someone else, or just pick up the sides to save for later. These could be an 8th period lifesaver.
6. Pass swim class!- trust me, if you are taking swim as a sophomore, you might as well do your best so you don’t have to redo it as a senior.
7. Dress in layers during fall/spring- Different pods are hotter than others, so having a tshirt under your sweatshirt or an extra layer on hand for those cooler classes could save you from either sweating or freezing to death.
8. Take advantage of your resources- If you are struggling with classes, there are periods during study hall, lunches, or even after school for you to catch up and get extra help. Remember, grades are permanent.
9. Try to make new friends- there is a lot of interactive work in different classes, and speaking from experience you could meet some of your closest friends by doing this. Remember, everyone is in the same boat and are probably looking for a new friend or two as well!
10. Most importantly, enjoy it- you are only a sophomore once, so make new friends, take the fun class, do after school activities, and soak up your time here. It will fly by before you know it.