5 plans for the perfect high school Valentine’s date


Julia Shearer

Check out these 2022 Valentine’s date ideas!

For a sporty date-
4:00 pm- Hop on your bikes and head to your special someone’s house
4:30 pm- your date and get pedaling to Freddy Hill Farms
5:00 pm- Head to the ticket stand and rent a batting cage to hit some machine toss
5:30 pm- Return to the kiosk and trade your bat and helmet for a mini gold club and get to putting!
6:00 pm- After returning your club, hop back on your bikes and make a trip to the Mill, to refuel and grab a salad!
6:30 pm- Grab your bikes and head over to Be Still Nutrition to pick up a protein smoothie for a healthy but sweet finish to the night.

For an expensive date-
2:15 pm- After school, pick your date up in S-lot in your convertible, and speed over to Country Bride and Gent to get a casual dinner outfit.
3:30 pm- After getting a matching ball gown and tux, drop your convertible at home and hop in your rented limo, where you’ll pop open some sparkling apple cider to drink on the way to your dinner in Philadelphia .
4:15pm- Arrive at Rittenhouse Square and choose any restaurant to enjoy a beautiful 5 course meal
6:00pm-Take your limo home and snack on some gourmet chocolate-covered strawberries
6:30 pm- After giving your date a 14k gold necklace or a brand new PS5, finally escort them home.

For a cheap date-
4:00 pm– In order to save gas, have your date’s mom pick you up to take you everywhere you need. Head over to the dollar store to get some snacks for later
4:30 pm- Hop back in your mom’s minivan and go dine in at Wendy’s to get a 4 for $4 meal.
5:30 pm- After enjoying your delicious Wendy’s burger and chicken nuggets head to the closest ice cream shop
5:45 pm- Get as many free ice cream samples that you can before workers asking you to leave
6:00 pm- Get your date’s mom to drive you back to the house to watch some TV while enjoying your dollar store treats
7:00 pm-Have your date’s mom come and pick them up to go home!

For a lazy/chill date-
5:00 pm- Arrive at your date’s house in sweats and be ready for a night filled with pretty much nothing!
5:15 pm- Call up Guisseppes and order three heart-shaped pizzas (for delivery!)
6:00 pm- Set up a table so you can eat your snacks and watch some movies at the same time
6:45 pm- Grab your store bought desserts and get the pizza
6:50 pm- Get your blankets and pillows and set it up in the best movie watching spot
7:00 pm- Put on your favorite movie marathon and enjoy laying down while stuffing yourself

For a romantic date-
2:15 pm- Pick your date up from the front lobby of school with flowers, chocolate and a teddy bear in your passenger seat.
2:30 pm- After singing love songs on the way home, drop your date off with a kiss on the cheek and promise to pick them up at 5:00 sharp for the second part of your Valentines Day.
5:00 pm- Pick up your date and drop off her favorite cheesecake that you bought fresh from the bakery today, and head to your date’s favorite restaurant.
5:45 pm- After listening to some of your guys’ favorite music and talking about life, arrive at the restaurant for your 6 pm reservation.
6:15 pm- Have your date order whatever they want and present them with your next Valentine’s gift; one that means a lot to them.
7:30 pm- When the check comes, insist on covering it and escort your date back to the car (remember to open every door for them!)
8:15 pm- When you get home, walk your date to their door and kiss them goodnight.