Top 10 current fashion trends that will come back to haunt you


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Modern fashion trends that you should avoid so that you don’t regret it later.

Fashion trends often go in and out of style, and eventually the same will happen for our generation. Oftentimes, today’s adults view the clothes they wore in high school and the hairstyles they wore as embarrassing or awkward. Below are my picks for what we will cringe at one day. 

10. Camouflage


Camouflage looks more like a uniform than an outfit I would wear.

9. Chunky Shoes


When one wears chunky shoes, the first thing my eye catches is the shoe rather than the overall outfit.

8. Bass Pro Shops Hat

Bass Pro Shops

I believe that Bass Pro Shop Hats are overrated and overused. 

7. Bright Highlights Under Hair


I prefer natural hair over neon-colored hair mixed with natural hair. It feels like there is too much going on.

6. Snake Pattern


With the snake pattern, there is too much going on and almost makes me dizzy looking at it. I do not find snakes appealing and don’t get why someone would want to wear something like that.

5. Thick Eyeliner



Thick eyeliner makes a bold statement. and I find that it takes all the attention straight to the eye. Wearing eyeliner can look different each time you do it, and the inconsistency can be distracting.

4. Ruffled Jeans


Ruffled jean has a lot going on and looks very sloppy. It gives a messy look that I find unattractive.

3. Sweater Vests


The patterns and layers that come with a sweater vest are too much for my liking. The simpler the better.

2. Mullets

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Mullets are too less in the front and too much in the back. A fresh cut is much better and looks a lot neater.

1. The Hot Cheetos Collection


The ugliest fashion trend of this generation is the Hot Cheetos collection. Food should not be used as a clothing brand, especially with Cheetos. It is too vibrant and very in your face.