NP grad Fisher running through freshman year


Sean Fisher

North Penn Alum Sean Fisher running in his freshman year at West Chester University.

In his middle school years, North Penn alum Sean Fisher spent a lot of time trying to find the sport that suited him but couldn’t quite find the perfect fit. But when he found his passion for running it was something that just clicked. Now eighteen years old he is still pursuing this sport at a college level and couldn’t be happier.

Since graduating from North Penn High School in 2021, Fisher has become a Psychology major at West Chester University. His current plan is to become a psychological therapist and he hopes to continue his education by getting a Master’s degree in industrial organizational psychology. He has felt a pull to help people for a long time now, which has inspired this career path.

“I love to be able to help people, I very much consider myself a people person. Being a therapist will be very fulfilling to me knowing that I’m able to help people’s lives in that way. Through all their mental battles and struggles and help them with anxiety and depression and things like that,” Fisher explained.

I love to be able to help people, I very much consider myself a people person. Being a therapist will be very fulfilling to me knowing that I’m able to help people’s lives in that way.

— Sean Fisher

Fisher’s first semester was very successful for him. He made friends with his teammates who made him feel more at home in West Chester. But more important was that Fisher was very excited for his first season of cross country at West Chester.

“My first season was very good. North Penn did a great job preparing me to be able to run at the college level. I was able to steadily progress as the season went on and really felt myself getting stronger in the new distance we run for college which is 8 kilometers rather than 5 kilometers,” Fisher explained.

Due to Fisher’s success, he was able to continue his season to regionals.

“I was able to compete at regionals where we ran a 10k and I really felt like I competed well and performed well. I was able to take my season all the way to regionals where I felt I ran a really good race. I was very happy to be able to extend my season…35:26 was my 10k time at regionals.”

Going to regionals was a big success for Fisher and a great start to his season and semester at West Chester. However, Fisher knows he has more to build on in order to continue growing in his athletic and academic career.

“I definitely feel like I need to get stronger, start lifting more consistently…I also want to dial in my focus to the mile and 3k distances for the indoor and outdoor track seasons,” he said. “I want to start taking advantage and making the most of study groups and professor’s office hours when I feel like I’m struggling or behind in a class. West Chester University does a great job of showing you all the resources and all the opportunities they have for you,” Fisher elaborated.

West Chester’s cross country and track teams have helped incorporate their athletes into the community. The track team influences their athletes to volunteer at one or two of the football games. Fisher volunteered at the homecoming game. He administered students into the games after showing ID. Another opportunity they were given was a 5k race. The cross country team helped in directing and standing at different posts. This race was very meaningful to Fisher.

“It was to raise awareness for mental health,” Fisher explained. “It was the “Ram’s Let’s Walk 5k to support student athlete mental health initiatives.”

These activities help to make Fisher and the rest of his team feel more at home and a part of West Chester’s community.

“I do believe West Chester University does a very good job of involving its athletes…I really do enjoy the opportunities they give us such as volunteering at the football games and the ‘Ram’s Let’s Walk 5k’ because I really do want to really get to know the community which I will be a part of the next four years. I love getting to know them and a little bit about them and working with them. I hope that they do more things like that in the future to help involve the team,” Fisher expressed.

Fisher has enjoyed his transition from North Penn to West Chester and plans to continue his success for the rest of the year and years to come.

“Whether it be your students, teammates, your professors, your academic advisors, really just anyone a part of the community they are all so kind to one another and want the best out of each other. They are very proud to be part of West Chester University and wish nothing but the best for you,” Fisher concluded.