Top 25 styles from “Love on Tour”


harryslove1d via Instagram

Harry Styles’ wardrobe from all forty-two shows during “Love on Tour”. (credit: harryslove1d via Instagram)

Not only is Harry Styles born with style in his name, but it also comes out in his talents and outfit choices. Styles started in a band called One Direction and once they went their separate ways in 2015, the international sensation went on to make his own music and continue to excel in the music industry. The pop singer has made a point in his career to be who he is and not let anyone get in the way of his dreams. Styles recently went on tour and had many different outfits that were adored by all of his fans. These are my top twenty five outfits that Harry Styles wore during “Love on Tour”. 

1. New York (therealengie via twitter)
2. Las Vegas (stylewalls via twitter)
3. Nashville (HS_LoveLive via Twitter)
4. Harryween in New York (hsdaily via Twitter)
5. Los Angeles (ceciliacbarbosa via Pinterest)
6. Harryween in New York (amymariephoto via Twitter)
7. Los Angeles (ximelego via Pinterest)
8. Long Island (liciallouise via Pinterest)
9. Nashville (meer103 via Pinterest)
10. Pittsburgh (HLDTour via Twitter)
11. Little Rock (hldupdate via Instagram)
12. Chicago (meer103 via Pinterest)
13. Portland (erodaesny via Pinterest)
14. Philadelphia (sofiicura via Pinterest)
15. St Louis (laufeystyles via Twitter)
16. San Diego (lt96hs via Pinterest)
17. Atlanta (DEVILISHMOUTH via Twitter)
18. Tampa (theharrylibrary via Twitter)
19. St Paul (jxymie via Twitter)
20. Los Angeles (magicshopdust via Twitter)
21. San Jose (theharrylibrary via Twitter)
22. Uncasville (sunflwer via Twitter)
23. Dallas (hsdlot via Twitter)
24. New York (hsdlot via Twitter)
25. New York (hbwharry via Pinterest)