Fisher angling for big season as junior captain


Colin Fisher

Junior captain Colin Fisher competing against CB West on September 22nd.

When crossing the finish line after an exhausting 16 minutes and 34 seconds Colin Fisher realized that he had won his first ever cross country meet but also his first as junior captain of the sport that holds close to his heart.

Fisher, a junior, at North Penn High School started his running career in 7th grade. He found his way into making running a lifestyle while following his brother Sean Fisher’s footsteps. His brother helped to teach him the ins and outs of the sport.

“I think it helped me become friends with more of the guys on the team…It was just easy to introduce me to the team. I learned a lot from him,” Fisher said.

At the end of the 2020 season, the Cross Country team voted for their captains for the following season. For their 2021 season, the captains are senior Gavin Zanck and junior Colin Fisher. Being a captain requires leadership and a drive to be a role model for all the incoming new members. Not only is this beneficial to these new athletes but it also helps him. 

“It’s more of a responsibility to teach our younger guys the ins and outs of what goes on since last year we had a big graduating class. We have a lot of new freshmen and sophomores,” Fisher stated.

In return, Fisher is learning even more about the team.

 “I think it’s a good learning curve for myself because I’ve never really had anything like that.” 

“It’s nice to teach the people who are going to be leading once me and Gavin are gone

— Captain Colin Fisher

This role for the young athlete is very fulfilling, “It’s nice to teach the people who are going to be leading once me and Gavin are gone,” Fisher said.

Just like any other sport in the North Penn community, they were burdened with the precautions and safety restrictions with Covid-19 last year. 

“It was a funky season…we couldn’t go to any invitationals this past year because of Covid. Along with that, we had to wear masks while we ran,” Fisher explained.

Unfortunately, their team has still had some issues related to Covid-19. 

“We have been down a few members due to covid situations. It’s been rough since we already have a smaller team this year…when our team just gets smaller and smaller it’s been rough, but we are making it by. We are doing well, I would say,” Fisher said.

Their meet last Wednesday, September 15th, was against Pennridge at Pennridge’s home course. This course is a total of 2.8 miles. Fisher flew by his competitors with an impressive 16 minute and 34 second finish time. Proving himself in his rightful spot as captain, this was his first overall win for the team. 

“It was weird because that was my first race I’ve ever won. We knew what we were getting into because our coach trained us for that specific type of course. It was just a matter of knowing what we were up against,” Fisher explained.

Fisher was at a loss for words describing the emotions when winning his race.

“I don’t know how to describe it, it was just something I’ve never experienced before. It was great, it was great to be honest,” Fisher exclaimed.

Having one win under his belt Fisher is continuously preparing for his next races. The North Penn Knights are going strong with a 5-1 record this season.