A day in the life of a teacher… in quarantine


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Mr. King is one of many teachers who has had to alter their entire routine.

Difficult times call for adaptation, and teachers are no exception. Along with an array of students adjusting to change comes with just as many teachers having to alter their entire routine. One of the teachers who’s had to change up his day is a NPHS favorite – Mr. King.

How has being in quarantine changed your typical day?

There really isn’t a typical day – anymore!!!  I kind of rotate among several activities. None of it is really smooth since so much of what we are doing now is so different from what we normally do. Usually I start my day by going through all of the emails and questions that came in the previous evening.  Then I make several instructional videos for my classes (Screencast-o-matic). Then I schedule the next day’s assignments in google classroom.  After that, I usually start checking the assignments that were due that morning.  This usually takes a while since you have to toggle back and forth through several screens (I also set up a second monitor to help me with that).  Interspersed with all of this are a variety of video meetings.  Some of these are with other teachers and administrators, but I also have done some one on one work with students who are having some trouble with a particular topic.  While I am doing these things, I am usually answering questions that are coming in from students while they are working at home! So that is kind of what the day is like now!

Have you experienced any challenges during this time in terms of education?

First of all, we all had to spend a lot of time learning new educational delivery systems.  Edpuzzle, google classroom, and screencast-o-matic are the three that I have really started to master lately. I have had to learn how to use Microsoft Whiteboard, a pdf scanner, and a Wacom tablet to help me with that.