North Penn’s Tik Tok Hall of Fame


Hannah Nguyen

Tik Tok is an app where anyone can create their own videos, but not everyone gets the chance to reach success. KC staff writer Jojo Dalwadi has compiled a list of North Penn students who have been inducted into North Penn’s Tik Tok Hall of Fame.

Some of us are constantly on the app, some of us even post videos on the app. But very few of us have actually achieved some level of success on Tik Tok. Whether that be one-hit wonders or consistent hype from the Tik Tok “for you page,” I’ve compromised a list of North Penn High School’s most successful Tik Tok accounts. 

When most guys use the restroom, we go in there to do our business and leave. A simple in-and-out interaction between boys and the bathrooms, with a few exceptions of students—but that’s an article for another day. One student, however, convinced a whole group of guys to go into the cafeteria bathroom stall and simply walk out for a Tik Tok video. An idea so simple and non-unique has accumulated Gavin Mikulski (@gavinmikulski6) a total of 31.6 million views and 2.9 million likes with a follower account of 180.3k.

Moving on, we are going to take a look at Julia Stengel’s account (@jstengz). Stengel’s account is filled with videos accumulating over 20k views, but her clear stand out is one that might have put her life at risk. With a view count of 4.8 million and 739.3k likes, Stengel puts a lightbulb inside of her mouth, and the viewer is quick to realize the awkward situation as she is unable to take it out. With a follower account of 45.2k and a total of 1.4 million likes, Stengel finds herself inducted into North Penn’s Tik Tok Hall of Fame. 

Coming in at number three we have Jojo Dalwadi (@jojodalwadi). A one-hit wonder is not in this man’s genes as he (I) has three videos in a row with 5 million-plus views. In my very simple, but clever Tik Toks, paying homage to Megan Fox in the Transformers series, I show my 8-year-old reaction to seeing Megan Fox for the first time. As millions of other viewers related, I felt that I spoke for the people on that one. Yes, you can say that they were the “same videos with the same idea just a different scene,” but folks, a wise man once said, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Applying that saying gained me 27.2k followers and a total like count of 1.1 million. 

The 4th induction will be Mady Volpe (@mady.volpe). In one of the most relatable videos in Tik Tok history, Volpe demonstrates the classic parent yelling at their child for not being able to do simple elementary school level math. A 10-year-old asking his or her parent for simple math help seems like an innocent question, but not when all the parent wants to do is to go to bed. As a result, the child faces cranky responses, to the point of tears. The video demonstrating this terrifying experience has been viewed by 9.5 million people and liked by 2.6 million. Attaining Volpe a follower count of 16.3k and a total like count of 1.7 million. 

Lastly in line to be inducted into North Penn’s Tik Tok hall of fame, we have Jaemon Crosby (@jaemoncrosby). Crosby’s account is filled with his experiences with his theatre friends while they rehearse for plays. In his most popular video, with 571k views and 154.9k likes, Crosby is seen getting into a costume with the help of his friends, making it appear as if Crosby has gotten “Kim K implants.” Crosby’s account totals at 15.1k followers and 393.1k likes. 

Here’s a recap of the list:

@gavinmikulski6    180,300 hundred followers and 3,300,000 likes.

@jstengz                    45,200 hundred followers and 1,400,000 likes.

@jojodalwadi            27,200 hundred followers and 1,100,000 likes.

@mady.volpe            16,300 hundred followers and 1,700,000 likes.

@jaemoncrosby        15,100 hundred followers and    393,100 likes.