People in the Pods: Andrew Maier


Skyler Simpson

North Penn sophomore Andrew Maier is one of the bright stars that makes our high school sky so bright.

In our high school alone, we have over 3,000 students and staff members mulling around the halls each and every day. Within the crowd, certain individuals stand out due to their unique and infectious personality. People that use humor to communicate with their peers are some of the most beloved and remembered, making sophomore Andrew Maier an important part of the North Penn community.

How was your transition from middle school to high school?

“It was fairly easy. For example, if you had beef with someone in middle school, they completely forgot about it in high school. A good thing about my transition, though, was due to the large number of people in the high school, I was able to meet a broad group of friends. My experience in both middle school and high school can be compared to a piece of pottery. In middle school, I was clay, able to be shaped somewhat. Now, in high school, I’m more firm and unable to be shaped as much, but there’s still some room to grow.”

What are some of your favorite and least favorite classes that you currently take?

“My favorite class this year has been public speaking with Mr. Manero. Every student in that class contributes to the positive chaotic energy, including the token beacon of masculinity my teacher provides. However, my least favorite class has been health. I’m not particularly curious about anything health-related. I also don’t know anyone in the class. It’s overall not the best experience for me.”

Do you have a specific interest or path that you’re planning on pursuing throughout high school and beyond?

“Yes. I want to be both an entertainer and a musician. My plan is to teach myself how to play the piano and guitar. After college, I want to make music. In terms of entertaining people, I want to pursue comedic videography.”

Who’s been the most influential person in your life thus far?

“Jeff Mangum. He’s from the 90’s band Neutral Milk Hotel. His lyrics have inspired me as a person to make my own music. I enjoy myself when I listen to him. He makes me happy.”

What has been your favorite North Penn memory?

“The day I finished my music video and showed it to everyone. I was in video production and my assignment was to make a music video. When it was done, I was very proud of my creation. It was like a child to me – my baby, my creation.”

What advice do you have for fellow North Penn students regarding making it through high school?

“Make productive habits. Also, reward yourself for hard work. If you focus all your attention entirely on that work, you’ll get much better results. A good study hack I’ve learned is to listen to the Norwegian pop star Aurora. She helps me understand the world a little better.”