Things that should stay in the 2010s

The Knight Crier staff reviews the main things that should remain in the current decade.


Matt Featherson

Over the past 10 years, there have been an array of fads that we should definitely drop before the next decade.

These are personal opinions that don’t necessarily reflect the entire North Penn body.

As this decade comes to a close, it becomes increasingly nostalgic to look back on the trends of the 2010s. Although some seemed to stick, there were certainly a few questionable fads. In light of this, the Knight Crier took it upon themselves to review some of the more… interesting things that took the 2010s by storm. Here’s the top 10 crazes that should most definitely stay in this decade.

1. Crocs

Somehow, in some way, Crocs have made a recurrence into the daily lives of high school students. Although it’s technically a shoe, it’s essentially just a piece of plastic with holes in them. To make matters even worse, the Crocs website is charging $44.99 for a basic pair. Lined clogs go for roughly $49.99. Because they’re overpriced, and quite frankly, look tacky, Crocs should really stay in this decade.

2. VSCO Girl Subculture

Ever since its creation in 2011, the popular social media app “VSCO” has become increasingly controversial. It used to be a simple photo editing app that people used to enhance their pictures. However, an entire subculture has developed from it. If you have certain things, such as a Hydroflask or scrunchies, or if you wear certain things, like oversized t-shirts and Birkenstocks, you’re automatically stereotyped and called a VSCO girl. Although it was a joke at first, there’s been a lot of judgement against them in recent years, and quite frankly, it’s not respectful or fair.

3. SoundCloud Rappers/Mumble Rap

One of the biggest cringe factors of this decade are SoundCloud rappers. Not just any SoundCloud rapper, but the 16 year old boys who think that they’re going to make it big by poorly “rapping” to a Garage Band beat with copious amounts of auto tune. SoundCloud was actually founded in 2007, but it really became popular this decade because of these “rappers”. Along with that comes mumble rap in general. If you’re recording a song, why wouldn’t you enunciate your words?

4. Duck Lips/YouTube challenges

This all began when billionaire Kylie Jenner decided to get lip fillers in 2015. Suddenly, doing duck lips became a challenge. People did anything they could to achieve the plump lips, including sucking on a bottle cap and posting those videos on YouTube. This started a string of YouTube challenges, notable ones including eating Tide Pods and putting cinnamon in their mouths. Some of these challenges became borderline dangerous and stupid. Let’s just stop self-sabotaging ourselves at the expense of others, just for a few likes and views.

5. Vaping

Another mistake of 2015 was the creation of the Juul. It was originally used as an alternative to smoking, but teenagers quickly jumped on the new way to ingest nicotine. Since then, more teens than ever have gotten addicted to the gray stick. Although the Juul company denies targeting their marketing towards kids, they aren’t exactly doing anything to help the cause, and all it does is get them more money. A great way to start off 2020 would be with clear, pink lungs and the ability to breathe correctly!

6. Fidget Spinners

These are those infamous toys that sit flat on a person’s finger with blades on its side that do nothing but spin. Depending on the type of person you are, the spinning could either be captivating or infuriating. The fidget spinner began to mesmerize many in 2017 and ever since, students have been distracted from their work, using it in class, the hallways and it may even monopolize their lunch. Fidget spinners are the toy version of a one-hit wonder. It’s probably best to leave it in this decade. Trust me, we all have something better to do with our time.


7. Word choice/slang

From “selfie” to “no cap”, word choices of the decade have been fairly questionable. These terms have dominated the mouths of people 25 or younger. Since then, adults have questioned the interests of our adolescent minds. Some may even say it doesn’t make us sound nearly as intelligent. With all the slang used within this decade, we should at least come up with ones that make a little more sense.

8. Sanuks

Labeled the “slip on” shoes that have been worn by teenagers across the globe, Sanuks can either be a cool cozy look, or could show off the epitome of lazy. Sanuks have been known to get ruined fairly easily, particularly in bad weather. In the next decade, let’s hope a shoe is released that is a little more fashionable yet cozy at the same time.

9. Fortnite 

While the game itself isn’t bad, with Fortnite blowing up, a few questionable trends broke the internet because of it. Multiple dance moves have been inspired by the game, and people of all ages have participated in making videos and showing off their best “orange justices” and doing the “shoot.” We should expect the 2020s to offer some new moves that aren’t out of a video game.

10. TikTok

We look at TikTok now as a new app in 2019, but it’s actually been around since 2016. This social sharing app to make videos is the combination of YouTube and Instagram, allowing people to make quick videos of dancing moves, funny videos and more. TikTok isn’t necessarily new so as the decade comes to a close, we should expect a new app that offers more or maybe even a massive update to the current app.