Alumni Spotlight: Holly Stakelbeck, Class of 2018


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Holly Stakelbeck is in her second year at Montgomery County Community College studying Criminal Justice, having to find a healthy balance between her education and her job at Whole Foods. Her normal week consists of school and work; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday going to Montco and Tuesday and Thursday at Whole Foods. Even though her schedule is busy, she still makes time for spending time with friends and family. 

What is your favorite part of college? 

“My favorite part of college is having the freedom to make decisions for myself and being able to figure out who I want to become. College has helped me understand the importance of independence and responsibility. Also, it is fun to make new friends and learn interesting material that will help you further your career in the future.”

What do you miss about North Penn?

 “Some things that I miss about North Penn are seeing my friends everyday and going to sporting events. I had a great time in high school and I made friendships that I will have forever.”

Any advice for current high schoolers? 

“Advice that I would give to high schoolers is not to rush into making decisions and focus on yourself. Also, while you are in high school take advantage of what North Penn has to offer and appreciate how great the school is because those 3 years go by very quickly. The friendships and memories you make there will last forever. It is important to take everyday and make it your best.”