Fun things to do this summer


Sammi Stec

KC staff writer Sammi Stec gives 10 fun things to do this summer!

If it comes to the middle of summer and you are sitting around with nothing to do, which is bound to happen, here are 10 things you can do to keep yourself busy and have some fun!

Have a Thrift day! Go thrifting at different places and find some good outfits that no one else will have.

Have a photoshoot with your friends. Bring different outfits and try multiple locations to get the perfect pictures to post.

Have a bonfire! The most classic thing to do outside in the summer is to make some s’mores with your friends around the fire.

Spend a day in the city. Whether it be Philly or NYC, have a fun day trip and explore some new things!

Watch the sunrise/sunset. It is not only a good picture opportunity, but it’s so nice to see and you can choose whether to get up early or just see the sunset at the end of the day.

Go to a park. Peace Valley is personally my favorite, walk on the trails or rent a paddle boat!

Visit an amusement park, another good day trip! Get a group of friends to ride some roller coasters with or go to a waterpark to cool off.

Take a road trip. It might be fun to take a spontaneous car ride and go somewhere you don’t usually go.

Have a Netflix marathon! If you’re bored but don’t feel like going out, watching Netflix all day is always a safe bet for a good time.

Spend one night outside. Set up a personal camping area in your backyard and see if you can make it through the night.