From classics to chemistry, Emily Wiley driven to succeed

The North Penn senior plans to pursue her passions at the University of Pittsburgh.


Allie Valovage

Wiley smiles in the cafeteria.

TOWAMENCIN – The transition from high school to college gives students the opportunity to focus on their interests and be independent. Senior Emily Wiley is certainly taking advantage of that opportunity. With a commitment to major in classics (Greek and Latin studies) at the University of Pittsburgh, she certainly has a bright future ahead of her.

While classics is not the most common major, Wiley has always taken an interest in Latin language and culture.

“I am majoring in Latin because I took it since 8th grade and I loved it. . . everything about the Latin authors [and] the history. . . I am just very passionate about it,” she explains.

Wiley also has a clear picture of what she wants to do in her future with her degree. Her ideal dream has always been to be a professor at a college, and she chose to go into classics because it was the subject that she was most passionate about.

“I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. . . I always liked helping people and I always thought that I learned the best when I taught other people,” Wiley stated.

She has long excelled in the subject of Latin, scoring silver and bronze on Latin exams and currently taking AP Latin. Furthermore, Wiley has submitted artwork and a poem to the Classical Latin Society and received awards for both.

In addition to classics, this North Penn student plans on having a double major in Chemistry. While this will give her a heavy workload, Wiley is used to being busy. She has balanced AP courses, clubs, volunteer hours, and her part time job all throughout high school. Wiley’s hardworking and driven personality will certainly serve her well at Pitt.