“I love being different”- North Penn’s Vito Bianco

Vito Bianco performing at one of his concerts.

TOWAMENCIN- “I love being different. That’s the majority of my appearance and hair,” North Penn senior Vito Bianco explained. “I really appreciate how people’s uniqueness and art goes into the actual designing of people’s clothes.”

With the optimism shown through his perspectives, Bianco has been able to develop his passions over time. At a young age, Bianco was already immersing himself in music. Being involved in multiple choirs and writing songs on his own led him to finally make his own music.

“I’ve always been into music, but I never had the confidence to actually go towards making my own music as well as waiting for my voice to mature. A lot of people helped push me to actually start because I would always sit there and be like ‘oh I wanna do music with my life and be an artist’ and then not do anything about it, but then people were like, ‘just go for it’,” explained Bianco.

Submitted Photo
Bianco expressing his crazy hair and sense of style.

Going head first into becoming an artist, Bianco has found himself in a close network of friends all helping each other with their own music. Social media has helped them stay together and grow their networking across the country. Whether they are creating a beat for Bianco’s new song or letting him use their studio, the friendships are based on improving each others music and helping them reach their goals.

“I get my inspiration for my lyrics through life experiences. Sometimes people will ask me who a certain song is about but most songs are about multiple situations and multiple people. I don’t write things about one specific topic, it’s normally a pretty broad topic. I just talk about life in general and try to relate to people,” remarked Bianco.

After the words are finished and matched to the beat, to the studio he goes. From there it is around a two week turn around before he releases the song on Soundcloud. Layers and layers of background vocals and other parts you can’t hear in the song are being recorded.

“One song has a music video coming out in the next couple weeks. My friend Katie Park and I went to Philly and got bunch of random shots in like zero degree weather. But it was really fun and then someone will stitch like 60 clips together to make the music video,” explained Bianco.

Although music does take up a bunch of free time, he makes sure to save time for his interest in fashion. For a good part of the last decade, Bianco has been buying and reselling clothing and shoes. As someone who appreciates the designs and the make of the clothing, you can find him wearing them more than selling it.

After graduation, Bianco plans to go full force in his dream to become an artist; an artist with stellar music, a great sense of style, and with friends who are always looking out for the best for him.