Almost Home: Violet

Violet is one of many dogs at the Almost Home Dog Rescue looking to be adopted.

Photo Credits to Almost Home

Violet is one of many dogs at the Almost Home Dog Rescue looking to be adopted.

With the weather growing warmer by the day, more and more dogs are looking to have some fun in the sun with a new family. This week’s pup is Violet, and she’s looking to do just that.

Every year, thousands of animals find their forever home through various shelters and foster programs. Almost Home is an organization that does just that: they work tirelessly with the help of volunteers and foster parents to help their furry friends become adopted.

Violet is a 5-6 year old Pit Bull Terrier mix who is good with both kids and small dogs. She has beautiful Fawn-colored markings and bright green eyes. This friendly pup is a larger-sized dog, weighing 59.4 pounds. She also walks really well on a leash, but if she’s adopted by a runner, she can keep up a good pace.

This sweet dog is looking for a forever home quickly due to her previous owner’s future change in venue. Violet has an extremely sweet disposition and loves to be pet and interact with others. She would appreciate a fenced-in yard to play in! Additionally, she is trained, and her trainer is offering a 1 hour session for anyone who adopts her.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Violet, check out the Almost Home Rescue website for more information! Also, there’s a link below to the main homepage where you can find other ways to help, such as becoming a volunteer, donating to the cause, or fostering a dog.

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