Talent Show showcases NP students

Rachel Noh, who finished in 1st place, sings “Shallows”.

TOWAMENCIN- The room turned dim, the colored stage lights were lit, and the crowd was on the edge of their seats eager for the show to start on Friday, March 15th at North Penn’s annual Talent Show. Hosted by the Student Government Association (SGA), it was a night of excitement and pure talent.

The talent show allows students to display their talents ranging from dancing, singing, music and much more.

“I know a lot of very talented people who keep their talents a secret and when they share them it’s especially amazing because you’re like ‘Wow! I never knew so and so could do that!’” said North Penn High School senior Jay Patel.

Prior to the show, auditions were held during the last week of February and first week of March in which the SGA cabinet watched and listened to all of the acts and decided on who would make the cut for the show.

“I auditioned because I was going through a rough patch and thought that I needed to find myself doing what I like to do, which is singing,” said North Penn High School sophomore Rachel Noh.

Preparations also consisted of making posters and a banner, buying door prizes, and a lot of rehearsing. SGA has been preparing for the event for about 2 months

The emcees for the show were Simran Rathod and Sarah Marshall keeping the audience fully engaged with quick skits and humorous jokes.

There night consisted of 9 performances total, beginning with Kriti Verma on the piano and Jay Patel and Benjamin Varughese as the vocalists performing the song “Lovely”.

“Being senior year, I knew that this would be my last chance to perform in an event like this. Therefore, I got together some of my friends from Chambers and we gave it a shot,” mentioned Patel.

The first performance in Act I was then followed by a Queen mashup dance performed by Thomas Waltrich. Next was a “Stages of Love Medley” by Ashley Han and Eva Steele and finally to wrap up Act I was “Ocean Eyes” sung by Gabrielle Leon who eventually placed third in the show.

Act II began with Bollywood dancing performed by Sushrita Haripriya which helped add more variety with a touch of culture. After that, Katie Early, who later took second place, performed a Khalid mashup. Then to set the mood, “Elegy” was played on the piano by Cayla Vu. Next came “Hard Place” sung by Katie Park and Kristen Le. For both singers, it was third and final year of performing at the Talent Show and they ended their last year perfectly.

Finally, the moment we all waited for was “Shallow” which was beautifully sung by Rachel Noh, who took first place. The performance was extremely powerful and completely wowed the audience.

“At first, I doubted I was going to win anything. But I felt accomplished since I did put myself out there where people appreciated me for what I love to do. I love the idea of sharing the emotion or feeling with someone that is hearing you sing,” said Noh.