Artist Spotlight: Astrid S


Skyler Simpson

Astrid S has over 5 million listeners on Spotify, a popular music streaming platform.

This week on Artist Spotlight, I’m going to be focusing on someone who had their breakthrough in Sweden. Astrid S became a star in her hometown of Berkåk before making it to America. Although she doesn’t live in the states, she’s increasing in popularity.

5. Such A Boy

I put this on the list solely for its extremely catchy beat. Sure, the lyrics are alright, but it stereotypes men to an extent. The phrase “such a boy” is meant to describe a certain kind of behavior that boys apparently exhibit, although anyone can have any behavior. In terms of the melody, it will get stuck in your head for days on end. If you’re looking for an upbeat party song, ‘Such A Boy” is the one for you.

Rating: 7/10

4. Emotion

“Emotion” is one of her more recent songs, and it quickly became a big hit on Spotify. It’s become increasingly apparent that Astrid has started putting more attention on the way her music sounds, rather than what she’s trying to say. The lyrics aren’t bad, but once again, “Emotion” is more of a song to get you energized.

Rating: 7/10

3. Bloodstream

Although this is my favorite song by her, and honestly, one of my favorite songs in general, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Structurally, it’s a really odd song. There isn’t much separation between the chorus and the verses, and even those sections aren’t very distinct. She was most likely experimenting with sound in “Bloodstream”, which as a listener, I appreciate. Another reason why the song pulls me is the title – I’ve never really heard the word “bloodstream” become an analogy for love. Astrid pulls it off with flying colors.

Rating: 10/10

2. Does She Know

Astrid tells a story with this song, putting more emphasis on the lyrics than the melody. It’s from the perspective of the “other woman” in a cheating relationship, wanting to know if her “boyfriend” of sorts is going to break up with his actual girlfriend. I found this song to be unique, considering the fact that people often villainize the person someone cheats with. Getting to hear a song from a new and fresh perspective is one of the reasons why I like this artist – she keeps breaking boundaries.

Rating: 8/10

1. Hurts So Good

This is absolutely her most popular song, racking up nearly half a million streams on Spotify. The title essentially explains all you need to know: “When it hurts, but it hurts so good, do you take it? Do you break it off when it hurts?” These lyrics are pretty powerful in my mind, and the tonality and emotion in which she sings the chorus is riveting. Most of the song is Astrid’s earnest attempt to justify a toxic relationship in her head by pointing out the really good times they’ve had together. In terms of the background music, it sounds like a revamped pop hit. It wasn’t on the radio, but it easily could be.

Rating: 10/10