Surviving the lull of March

From start to finish, each and every school year tends to have unique things going on during all times of the year. The first few months are taken up by the excitement of a new school year, Homecoming, and most importantly, spooky season.

Next comes the holiday months, full of lengthy school breaks and snow days. Returning to school in January may seem like a bore, but there’s Valentine’s Day to look forward to. Following the day of love, however, what comes next?

There’s Junior Prom, yes, but that’s one singular night. Besides, not everyone goes. This abundance of unaccounted time is what hosts the dreaded lull of March.

In its entirety, March isn’t that exciting of a month. There aren’t any specified school breaks or huge holidays. I guess you could make a case for St. Patrick’s day, but it’s not that valued of a holiday for most. March just leaves us with so much empty space.

Now, there are a few ways to solve this problem. The number one way to get through this is by immersing yourself in the things you do have going on. Whether it be athletics, choir, or even just passing your classes, I’m pretty sure that there’s always something going on for each person. If this sounds just too difficult, I have a few more solutions that may be more appealing to you.

1. Pretend the weather is warm

We see you, boys with shorts. We see your shivering legs in 30 degree weather. I personally don’t understand how you do it, but whatever floats your boat. Acting like it’s 70 degrees outside is a good way of avoiding the inevitable chills outside. If you’re getting sick of hoodie season, wear your best summer outfit to school. Chances are, you’ll be months ahead of all the other students! I’m truly sorry to say, though, that freezing yourself like an ice cube won’t make summer come any faster.

2. Go to the beach

Because school wasn’t gracious enough to give us any breaks these four dreadful weeks, make your own trip. Nobody is stopping you from taking your summer vacation a few months early. The beach is a popular place to be, so take a few days off and treat yourself to a dip in the ocean. Yes, the water may be freezing, the sun may prevent you from tanning, and nobody will be anywhere near the shore, but don’t let that stop you from following your sunshine dreams.

3. Drink iced coffee

With North Penn’s recent addition of iced coffee at lunches, it makes it easier than ever to get into some summer vibes. Who needs hot coffee to warm them up when the cold brew is an option? All jokes aside, ladies, I’m concerned. You come to class with your iced coffee, get another iced coffee at lunch, and probably stop for one on the way home from school. I’m starting to feel for your health. Overloading your system with caffeine won’t make warm weather come any sooner.

In all seriousness, the best way to cope with March is to get through it. Avoiding the inevitable won’t make the sun shine. Taking these few weeks to really buckle down and invest into your academics and extracurriculars may not seem appealing, but believe me, you’ll be much happier when April comes along.