The nurse’s office: a safe environment for students


Gabby Corrado

Mrs. Sandra Brady at Knapp Elementary sits down to talk about what it truly means to be a school nurse today.

TOWAMENCIN- The school nurse: the one who takes care of you when you are feeling sick to the stomach, have a headache, or feel any other type of illness. However, that role has changed over the past few years. Because of the increasing amount of mental health issues, students seem to have found peace in the nurse’s office for issues related to mental health.

The nurse’s office is an escape for some people. Whether it is to calm their anxiety or get away from the negative vibes of their world, students seem to have an easier time adjusting themselves in the health suite. School nurses can not only take care of physical illness, but also manage the anxieties and darkness of mental illness.

Mrs. Sandra Brady, certified nurse at Knapp Elementary, has had much experience with North Penn students. She has seen a variety of students, from children to teenagers. Brady, along with the other nurses, has made the office a safe haven for them, no matter what their situation is. Brady emphasizes the safe environment they have created.

“I believe that school nurses play a very important role in the lives of the students,” Brady stated. “It is important to feel cared for and safe in the nurse’s office. This environment should be a place that is warm and welcoming.”

As a school nurse, it is important to be attentive to each and every person. Opening your ears and truly listening to take care of the student is a key factor of being a nurse. Brady feels that it is vital for the students to feel heard because it makes them feel valued as a person and gives them a space to be open.

“I like to take my time with the students while giving them my full attention by providing them support and really listening to what they have to say. I have recognized that creating a safe and supportive environment helps build trusting relationships with the students,” Brady expressed.

Outside the nurse’s office, students may not know how to express their feelings and thoughts. However, the health suite can become a space for people to truly open up. Brady emphasizes the fact that students are able to communicate their problems and feel heard in their space.

Brady said, “We recognize that students typically feel comfortable in the office. They tend to open up and, for the most part, are willing to share information. I believe that over time, it becomes a place where they feel supported, respected, and safe.”

With several students to take care of everyday, Brady has seen a variety of people. She feels that it is critical for students to feel secure coming into the suite in order to keep them well and fully attentive in school.

“Health and learning are connected, and it feels good knowing that the care and support we provide will give students the opportunity to stay in school and fully participate in the learning process,” Brady disclosed.